Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekly Eats - Monday Nov 6 - Sunday Nov 12

A weekly round up: what we ate, worked out, watched, and read

Weekday Breakfasts:

Weekend Breakfasts:
Waffles with sausage
Open faced egg/cheese/bacon breakfast sandwich

Weekday Lunches:
Budget Bytes Vegetable Fajitas (10/10, will make again.  Served on tortillas with sour cream, avocado, and salsa)

Weekend Lunches:
Leftover pizza
Sunbutter & jelly sandwich

Weekday Dinners:
Monday (family meal): leftover Chili Mac and Cornbread muffins (one batch of this recipe=14 muffins)
Tuesday (fend for yourself night): Vegetable Fajitas
Wednesday (date night): Chicken Florentine Pasta
Thursday: leftover pasta for him, skillet pizza for me (pizza dough left over from last weekend)
Friday (fend for yourself night): pizza with Trader Joes cauliflower crust.  1st time trying cauliflower crust.  It wasn’t awful but also wasn’t a wow.  The leftovers were better

Weekend Dinners:
Saturday (date night): Chipotle on the couch with margaritas and MST3K
Sunday (family meal): Mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes & veg, chocolate chip cookies for dessert (cookie dough made a few weeks ago and stashed in the freezer)

Food Prep: Refilled my lunchbox freezer stash with Vegetable Enchiladas and  Spinach Artichoke Pasta

Workouts: running, walking, and this awesome kettlebell workout (25# kb, 12&15 lb weights.  Made it through 3 rounds) 
Watching (from the treadmill): Call the Midwife, Outlander
Watching (from the couch): Brooklyn 99, Seinfeld, MST3K, Glitch (only had time for the first 2 episodes, if it wasn't for adulting I would have binged the whole thing)
Reading: The Kind Worth Killing

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  1. Yum, I love Budget Bytes! Your meals sound so hearty and delicious.

    Nicole @