Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Weekly Round Up: The Graduate

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, reads, plus the usual puppy brags.  In this week's edition we had a family party, I'm reading the latest It Book, and everybody in my house now has a diploma.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Weekly Round Up: The Life of the Party


A weekly round up: it's supposed to be eats, workouts, watches, and reads but in this stage of puppy life it's puppy updates, workouts, watches, and reads.  This week Doggo achieved not one but two huge milestones, Hubs and I saw a cute date night movie, I've got books to dish on, and I need your recommendations.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Let's Go Places (and Meet People!): Racine & Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last weekend was Boy Scout camp weekend in our house.  You know the drill: my family went off to the woods, our puppy went off for boarding at our vet, and I hit the road in search of adventure.

Normally I don't talk about my travel plans in advance, but I need to tell you what I have planned for June in order to explain this trip.  Just like last year, the rest of my family has a Mega Boy Scout camp trip, and I will be taking a Mega Solo Vacation (though not at the same time as them because of the puppy).  In June the only member of our family who will spend every night at home is the puppy.

The location for my June Mega Solo Vacation is northern Illinois/Wisconsin and the primary agenda is a massive Frank Lloyd Wright bender.  However when I started planning the trip, I realized that there was too much FLW stuff to cram into one visit.  Clearly this needed to be two trips, so last weekend I focused on the Racine/Milwaukee (MKE) area and in June I'll tackle northern IL/central Wisconsin.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Weekly Round Up: Poetry and a Twist

A weekly round up.  Normally I say that the round up is "eats, workouts, watches, and reads", but this time around it's going to be "puppy poetry, watches, a lotta reads, and...hmm...there's something else that's new...huh there's something else that's happened that I need to tell you but I can't remember what it is right now...let me start writing the post and maybe it will come to me".