Sunday, December 24, 2017

Weekly Eats: Monday Dec 18 - Sunday Dec 24

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  Pre-Christmas Edition.  This one is less about meal planning and more about chilling out for the holidays. 

Weekday Breakfasts:
Breakfast Burritos
Homemade Egg McMuffins
Avocado Toast

Weekend Breakfasts:
Cereal Bar
Omelet with mushrooms, green pepper, and onion

Weekday Lunches (on top of endless office Christmas treats):
M&T: Eggroll soup from last Sunday's meal prep
W: Vegetable Enchiladas from the freezer 
H: out with a friend to a sushi restaurant.  We ended up getting tempura shrimp and loved it.
F: Chicken gyro from the in office catered lunch.  Last in office day of the year!

Weekend Lunches:
Avocado Toast 
Christmas Cookies
Weekday Dinners:
M: dinner was superseded by a school concert.  My crew grabbed dinner at Panera, I got home too late to join them.  Grabbed some snacks from the office.
T (family meal): leftovers.  The last of Sunday's Beef Stew for him, leftover thai from Saturday's takeout for me, quesadillas for the kids.
W (date night): Pork chops with bourbon cream mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes.  Yes, yes, yes.  My first plan was to make the grilled ranch pork chops listed at the end of this post, which we've had before.  The only thing that made me hesitate was having to grill in the dark.  And then I spied the link to the bourbon chops and decided to branch out.  It was a winner all around, so easy to make, so delicious, but also fairly light.  There's just a touch of cream and it's perfect.  Will make again.
H: (fend for yourself night): Ad hoc nachos for me, the last pork chop for him.
F: (date night): We went out to a fancy grilled cheese place and ate obscenely.  I had a buffalo chicken grilled cheese for me, meatball and mashed potato grilled cheese for him. 

Weekend Dinners:
Saturday (date night): The Mexican restaurant where we had our first date.
Sunday: TBD.  We're headed to my parents for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Baking:
Eggnog Fudge (made two weeks ago)
Frosted sugar cookies (recipe coming soon - baked the cookies yesterday, frosted them this morning)
Peppermint Mocca Cookies (I cut down the mocca but using just a touch of esspresso powder to bring out the chocolate.  Mixed up the dough yesterday, baked them this morning, will dip them later this afternoon or tomorrow)
Mint Chocolate Brownies (half batch, made the brownies this morning and will frost them tomorrow)
Oreo Balls (will make this afternoon or tomorrow morning)
Stuff on the internet that I tried IRL: Invisiblebobble Pony Tail Holders. I feel like all the fitness bloggers have been raving about these, so I decided to treat myself.  They absolutely do not tear up your hair or leave creases.  The hairs at the nape of my neck are exactly 1mm too short for my pony tail, and the Invisiblebobble does a much better job of holding them up than my normal pony tail holders.  For cooking, housecleaning, and non running workouts, the pony tail doesn't budge.  My only beef is that it didn't quite stand up to my long run yesterday.  I had to reponytail after 3.5 miles.  But yes, I like them.

Workouts: the usual treadmill runs and walks. The last week of my work cardio challenge is done!  I actually lifted this morning.
Watching (from the treadmill): Call the Midwife, Supersize Me
Watching (from the couch): National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for Wednesday date night, The Shape of Water at the theater on Friday (we're huge Guillermo del Toro fans, but idk about this one), and From Russia with Love on Saturday with some Seinfield to wrap it up.
Reading: Finished Lilac Girls.  I was blown away when I read the afterword and found out that two of the characters were based on real life people.  Huge thumbs up on this one.  Started The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

Your turn:
  • Christmas plans?
  • What are you cooking this week?
  • What are you reading and watching?

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