Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekly Eats: Chicken Week


A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  I believe I've eaten more chicken this week than I have in my life, partly due to an incredible grilled chicken recipe.  And I went on a massive Trader Joe's binge.

But first, a blog announcement!  The Weekly Eats posts will no longer include my workouts.  If you go back to my first weekly eats post, my workout recap was just one sentence long.  Today things are just a bit different, and it's time for the workouts to spin off from the eats and have their own weekly recap.  Going forward I'll do a weekly sweat recap on Sundays and a weekly eats (plus TV and reads) recap on Mondays.  So go back one post if you want to read about workouts, and stay here if you're in it for the food.


Monday: breakfast potatoes and eggs.  I have to admit that my obsession with breakfast potatoes is starting to wane a bit.

Tuesday and Thursday: breakfast burritos.  Never say never, but I don't think my obsession is ever going to wane with these.

Wednesday: homemade Egg McMuffin with chicken sausage

Friday: unpictured avocado toast.

Saturday: PB honey toast and a banana, aka the "look I'm a runner" breakfast

Sunday: cereal bar and string cheese

 I took the easy way out this week.  Costco chicken skewers on salads from work catering.

Saturday: post long run leftover pizza.  Usually I'm not very hungry after my runs, so I'll have a protein drink and chill for a while before lunch, but on Saturday I was starving so I went straight to food as soon as I got home.  I didn't even shower first.  I had two slices, there's only one in the picture b/c I reheat the pizza in a cast iron skillet and I can only fit one slice at a time.

Sunday: snacks

Monday and Tuesday (family meals): leftover lasagna

Wednesday (date night): ***good food alert***good food alert***good food alert***  I'd had my eye on A Foodie Stays Fit white BBQ chicken ever since she posted it a few weeks ago.  We followed the recipe to the letter and if you get nothing else out of my blog, I hope you will make this recipe.  I'm not always the biggest fan of chicken and this blew me away.  I let the chicken marinate for a full 24 hours.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): went out to a winery with coworkers and put away a bunch of appetizers.

Friday (family meal): take out pizza

Saturday (family meal): hamburgers

Sunday (family meal): something new.  Copycat Panda Express Beijing Beef via Dinner Then Dessert.  Panada Express was the best choice out of the airport offering when we were coming back from vacation a few weeks ago, so I had the real thing back then and went on the hunt for a copycat to make at home.
Thoughts: I liked it, my husband loved it, the kids were suspicious but ate it.  When I make this again, I won't bother with the egg white coating/frying thing, I'll just stir fry the steak.  I only used a few tablespoons of oil for the frying.

Trader Joe's Haul Deets
Was it just two weeks ago that I was lamenting how long it takes for TJ's to put out their fall stuff?  Well someone was listening because the fall products were in and I stocked up.
What I went there for: Clif bars and guac.

Other stuff: beer and wine, avocados, lemons, frozen salmon, Neopolitan Joe-Joe's ice cream.

Fall stuff: I got a one year supply of the fall goodies.  Candy corn popcorn (one year supply = one bag), ginger pumpkin cones (4 boxes), and This Pumpkin Walks into a Bar cereal bars (8 boxes - last year I got 6 and just recently ran out and I don't want to cut it that close next year)

To clarify, I am the only one in my house who's into the pumpkin stuff, so it's mine all mine.

For family viewing, hubs pulled out Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  It was my first time seeing it.  The boys were suspicious but got sucked in pretty quickly.

Still working on Snap Judgement by Marcia Clark.


  1. It's been a long time since I went to TJs! I need to see what's new!

    1. You will not be disappointed. Fall season is basically my Christmas for TJ's

  2. Gosh, I'm jealous of all your meals! What a great variety!

    1. We had the white BBQ chicken again this week, it's just too good...