Monday, August 24, 2020

Weekly Eats: Put an Egg on It

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  This week I realized that I have been missing out on one of the biggest work from home perks: eggs for lunch!  I'm not always the biggest fan of meat, but I'm always down for an egg.  Apart from not having a great way to cook them back in the old days when I went to an office, I also avoided them for lunch because until recently I used to have them for breakfast nearly every morning.  I think 2 eggs a day is on everyone's OK list but 3-4 a day is questionable and as much as I love eggs, even I don't want them that much.  But now that I'm no longer eating them for breakfast, lunch is wide open for eggs.


Coffee and Cliff bars, trending toward avocado toasts on the days when I have a second breakfast.


Bring on the eggs!  Here's my typical lunch bowl of rice, roasted sweet potatoes, pepper mix for veggies, and eggs with a sprinkle of Feta cheese (because it was in the fridge and was saying "why not?")


Then I stepped up my game with a spontaneous fried rice creation.  I googled "spicy fried rice" and a Gimme Some Oven recipe popped up for inspiration.  I didn't measure anything and adapted the recipe to what I had: onions, frozen peas, about 3 cups of cold leftover rice, and dashes of seasame oil, sambal oelek, oyster sauce, ginger, soy sauce.  And topped it with a big ol' drippy egg.  And it was so good that spoiler, I made another batch to start my lunches this week.


Monday & Tuesday: grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday: the boys had dinner with their mom and hubs was craving Chipotle.  My standard order is a steak burrito bowl and to be honest, I can go a long time between Chipotle visits.  BUT I decided to get sofritas instead and OMG we will be getting more Chipotle from now on.  To give you the background, one of my favorite recipes this year has been Pinch of Yum's sofritas which are so good that I didn't want to try a fast food version.  But ooooh Chipotle sofritas are next level.

Thursday: leftover cleanout.  Adults had pasta from the weekend and the kids had buttered noddles and chicken nuggets.

Friday: take out night! We had a quick meal of pizza before my menfolk went off to in person boy scout camp for the first time since February.

Saturday: I went on a spree with my sisters-in-law.  We went on a road trip for a socially distant baby shower during the day and then did a hamburger cookout that night.

Sunday: my menfolk came back from the woods and we had our traditional welcome home meal of tacos (guess what we're having for dinner for the next few days?).

Watching & Reading

There are weeks when I don't watch much TV and there are weeks when I don't get much reading done, but it's rare for it to happen in the same week.  I pecked at things on Youtube and paged through a few books that didn't grab me.  My next read is an OMG-Everybody-on-the-Planet-Loves-It-Surefire-Hit, and I'm off to get started on it...fingers crossed!


  1. Replies
    1. They are the best! I can't believe it's taken me this long to start having them for lunch.

  2. Your spicy fried rice looks delicious!
    I love eggs too, especially poached runny eggs on avocado toast.
    Yesterday I started watching Biohazard on Netflix. It's a German production and very good. Now I'm hooked for the next few days until I've watched all the episodes.

    1. I'll keep an eye out for it. It's not on Netflix US but maybe once it runs in Europe for a while they'll send it across the pond.

  3. When the hubs is gone (ahem, and I actually have power), I often times make scrambled eggs (with a whole lotta cheddar) for dinner. Filling and quite tasty, and oh-so-satisfying ;-)

    1. Yes it's pretty hard to make eggs without a stove. I don't know what we would do if we ever lost power for as long as you did, I'm thinking cereal with powdered milk and tuna sandwiches.