Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Eats: Mon Apr 9 to Sun Apr 15

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  It was spring for five minutes edition.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this week was getting to run outside for the first time since November.  The lowlight: sick kids and more snow in the forecast.

Weekday Breakfasts

Breakfast Burritos

Egg, toast, and turkey sausage

Cereal bar, string cheese, and fruit

Weekend Breakfasts
Cheesy eggs with toast

Cheddar, egg, sausage, and avocado scramble

Weekday Lunches
M&F: Thai Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls.  I've made these many times, but this was my first time freezing them and they held up perfectly.

T, H: Spinach artichoke pasta 

W: BBQ chicken, sweet potato, and cole slaw

Weekend Lunches
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Margherita Flatbread (gotta say, I was pretty pleased with this and bought a few more to tuck away in the freezer)

Weeknight Dinners
Monday (family meal): Hubs had grilled cheese and tomato soup waiting for me when I got home and got a kiss in return.

Tuesday (family meal): pulled BBQ chicken.  Hubs and steps had it in sandwiches,  I had it on a baked potato with coleslaw on the side.  Thumbs up to the BBQ, it reheated well and was tasty.

Wednesday (date night): Out on the town!  I had VIP tickets to an event through work, so we noshed in the VIP lounge like the ballers that we are.

Thursday (fend for yourself night/date night 2): he finished off the BBQ chicken, I had Annie's Cheese Enchiladas.

Friday (single girl night): I worked late, encountered every kind of traffic and construction delay known to man, and when I eventually did get home, chomped on a veggie burrito.

Weekend Dinners
Saturday: was supposed to be another single girl night, since the menfolk were off at scout camp, but everything fell apart.  Stepson #2 got sick midweek and had to stay home with his mom, and by midday on Saturday, stepson #1 was on the casualty list.  So hubs came home.  He had eggs and toast, I had penne and pesto.

Sunday (family meal): tacos!  The tradition for scouting camp weekends to celebrate the kids coming back alive.  In this case, we're celebrating that they're feeling better.
Our taco spread: homemade guac, cilantro lime rice, two pounds of ground beef cooked with onion and sprinkled with chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder, lettuce, green onions (favorite of the steps), tomatoes (for the adults, the kids hate and despise tomatoes), and cheese.  Not shown: taco boats for the kids, soft tortillas for adults, sour cream, and salsa (for me only).  This will last us for about three meals.

Meal Prep
Budget Bytes sushi bowls for lunches this week.  I let the rice cook while I diced the carrots and cucumber, mixed up sriracha mayo, and toasted sesame seeds.

My changes to the recipe: less rice, more initiation crab, no nori, and I always add wasabi and ginger.  Shown: enough rice for four servings, enough crab and veggies for two servings.  I'll chop up fresh veggies mid week.  Not shown: avocado (left it out to continue ripening...fingers crossed that I remember to pack it tomorrow).

Workouts: The usual round of weights and treadmill runs on the weekdays.  On Saturday it was finally nice enough to take it outside.  I did six miles without even thinking about it, no stops, walk breaks, or slowing down for hills.  I just completely zoned out and did it.  I only stopped for common sense reasons (first time running outside in a while, first time running more than five miles in a while, etc) but I felt like I could have gone farther.  My time was meh, 70 minutes or an 11:44 pace (yes, good by my standards but slower than I've been running on the treadmill).  So now I have to decide if I want to keep the Saturday runs at 6 miles and see if I can get faster, or if I want to run longer and go for distance.

Watching (from the treadmill): A Place to Call Home

Watching (from the couch):
  • With hubs: Brooklyn 99, Ash vs Evil Dead, and Cinema Titantic's Danger on Tiki Island, from the same folks who did MST3K (if you like MST3K chances are good that you'll like Cinema Titantic).  
  • On my own: The Evil Dead a.k.a the origin of Ash vs Evil Dead.  Yeah, my tolerance for horror/slasher is low and if it wasn't for Ash vs Evil Dead I wouldn't have been interested at all.  I got through the first 50 minutes on Friday night and then I watched the rest in 5 minute increments on Saturday morning after my run.  Also rewatched an old favorite, A Matter of Life and Death.

Reading: Reread Dover 3 and loved it.  Started Tangerine, mostly because the kindle version was on super sale.  The first few paragraphs sucked me right in, but I'm not 100% sold on it yet.

Your Turn
  • What are you cooking this week?
  • What are you reading and watching?

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