Sunday, June 24, 2018

Weekly Eats: Mon June 18 to Sun June 24

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  10k PR edition.

This week I discovered the epic combination of chickpeas and avocado, had an awesome Chinese dinner date, got my running mojo back, and PR'd a 10k.

Weekday Breakfasts

Weekend Breakfasts

S: Avocado toast with chicken sausage

Su: Breakfast burrito (the mandatory pre-race breakfast)

Weekday Lunches

Week 4 of my summer lunch salad crush.  This week's combo was Well Plated's Chickpea Salad mixed with Costco's Mediterranean chopped salad plus red pepper, cucumber, and avocado.  How did I know that these flavors would go together?  I didn't, I just struck it way lucky.  In particular, I had never combined chickpeas and avocado before (I mean, I like them both separately but it just never occurred to me that they would go together).  Guys, I have been missing out!  Now that I am woke, expect to see the combo turning up often in my meals.

Weekend Lunches
S: Pizza
Su: Snacks and an early dinner

Weekday Dinners
Monday & Tuesday (family meals): leftover tacos

Wednesday (date night): Lamb with leftover seasoned rice and grilled zucchini from last Sunday's dinner.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): Chicken sausage, seasoned rice, and peas.

Friday (date night): A few of my coworkers have been talking up a Chinese restaurant nearby, so we went out on the town.  Wowza.  Orange beef for me, Mongolian beef for him.  I can't do justice to how good this meal was.  I had in mind to start eating a little bit extra to load up for the 10k, so I happily cleaned my plate.  Hubs cleaned his plate in support of me.

Weekend Dinners

Saturday (date night): Our local Italian spot.  Hubs had lasagna, I had Spinach Artichoke Pasta Bake.  Carb loading or no, this was too much food for one meal.  I have a hard time stopping without cleaning my plate, but this dish made it easy.  I just ate until all of the spinach and artichokes were gone and then took the rest of the pasta home.

Sunday (single girl night): My menfolk are at scouts.  My post-10k dinner was at 3:00 tonight and I pimped my leftovers with frozen spinach, sundried tomatoes, and olives.

And had my newly discovered post-run dessert, a big ol' bowl of Lucky Charms.  I don't understand why eating 200-300 calories worth of cereal post run when I really want to eat ALL.THE.FOODS. fills me up yet anytime that I have cereal for breakfast I'll be ferociously hungry again within the hour.  But it does so I go with it.

Meal Prep

Although I would be perfectly happy to do another salad week, I thought I'd mix it up.  My first thought was enchiladas so I made a double batch of Well Plated's Vegetarian Enchiladas with sauce.

I took a few tastes and was very happy, tune in next week after I've had it for a few meals.

Also made another batch of Breakfast Burritos.
After a few weeks of lackluster runs, I got my mojo back.  Every mile this week was sheer pleasure.
M: Weights and 1.5 mile treadmill run.
T: 4 mile treadmill run
W: Off
H: Treadmill interval run
F: Weights and 1.5 mile treadmill run.
S: Off
Su: 10k!  My 3rd 10k ever and my 2nd time running this particular race.  As much as I love running 6 miles, the 10k hasn't been my friend.  For both previous races, I finished close to last @ 75 minutes.  Not that I run to place, but that's still tough on the ego.  The past few weeks were iffy for running and I had fears that I'd have another last place result.

I  knew I couldn't pull off the 10 minute miles I got in my recent 5k's, but I hoped that I could do 11's.  And so I did.  I also hoped to do the final mile sub 10...yep, that didn't happen but still glad to see it on the first mile.

As much as I like my Garmin's version of the numbers, my official race pace was 1:08:44 and a 11:05 pace (96 out of 115 overall thank you very much). 

Update on: Popsugar's 100 pushup challenge, technically I'm finished although it did my own thing with it.  I've been doing 4 sets of 12 pushups with planks and negative pushups.  I'm definitely stronger and plan to continue.  I'd definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to up their pushup game.

Weight Loss Thoughts
Next week I'll do my monthly weight loss update.  I haven't weighed myself for the entire month of June and I have no idea what to expect.
Pro: I've got a handle on afternoon snacking which has been a problem for the past few months.
Pro: I went through my closet over the weekend and tried on most of my clothes.  Dresses that I haven't been able to wear for a while now fit with room to spare.
Con: Holy high calorie weekends Batman!  Wondering if I've just moved the calories around instead of cutting them.

(From the treadmill): A Place to Call Home, How to Get Away with Murder

(From the couch on my own): Fixer Upper, Bombshell (good one), The Staircase (eh, not sure I'd recommend it but I'm still watching so that says something.  I know the story from here)

(From the couch with hubs): Halt and Catch Fire, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and D.O.A., OG version.  Next up we'll watch the 80's version, which hubs is a fan of and I haven't seen.  Then we'll finish the series with the Mad Movies version.

The Tuscan Child by Rhys Bowen.  I love it and it's going fast, so I'm deliberately trying to slow down and only read a chapter a night.

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