Sunday, March 10, 2019

Weekly Eats: New Foods Edition

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  This week I enjoyed the new recipes that I found last week and am keeping the streak going with more new finds.

Monday: egg, toast, chicken sausage, fruit.

Tuesday & Thursday: breakfast burritos

Wednesday: scrambled egg and cheese with Trader Joe's pepita salsa in a tortilla

Friday: homemade Egg McMuffin with chicken sausage.

Saturday: a freshly made waffle via my hunky husband.  My current train of thought is that this is the perfect breakfast to have before a long run.

Sunday: fruit, string cheese, cereal bar.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: the Thai curry that I made last week with soy curd (or soy curls?  not sure which is the preferred term).  This was one of two new recipes I made last week and it made my toes curl every time that I ate it.

Tuesday and Thursday: Eating Well's Cheesy Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Saturday: leftover pizza.

Sunday: Loaded Baked Sweet Potato via Skinny Taste.  A.k.a one of this week's new eats.

Monday (family meal): the menfolk had leftover chicken parm, I had leftover spaghetti squash.

Tuesday (family meal): the kids had the last of the pasta from Sunday with chicken nuggets, the adults had the leftover twice baked potatoes from Saturday with chicken sausage.

Wednesday (date night): Gimme Some Oven 20 Minute Chicken Teriyaki with Costco egg rolls.  Yet another Gimme Some Oven winner (20 minute time confirmed).

Thursday (fend for yourself night): veggie burrito.

Friday (family meal): pizza

Saturday (family birthday party for a nephew): more pizza!

Sunday (family meal): Family Lasagna.

Soft Batch chocolate cookies for dessert (the guys had milk chocolate, I snagged a portion of the batter to mix with white chocolate).

Meal Prep
This afternoon I made three new to me recipes:
  • Mongolian Soy Curls.  I didn't quite have enough soy curls for the recipe so I bulked it up with broccoli.  I could tell right away that the sauce needed to be doubled and sorry in my eyes this is three portions and not four (especially at 120 cals per serving sheesh).  In related news, I ordered more soy curls (the 3 pack this time).

  • The already mentioned Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes.  Normally I bake potatoes in the microwave but since I knew it would take forever to nuke four potatoes and I had the oven on for the Mongolian soy curls anyway, I went old school.   I can't tell for sure if oven roasting>microwave roasting but I think there might be a slight edge.  But OMG these are good.  I had doubts about topping them with yogurt instead of sour cream but I gave Gina the benefit of the doubt and did it her way and it was yum.
  • Something for snacks that never have you ever seen me eat before.  Keeping it a secret until I have a chance to try it.  Whatever it is, I'm hoping that it will keep me away from our office snack table and help me to fuel smarter for running.
A record breaking 32 miles of running this week!  And the realization that my first half marathon is getting closer each week.
Monday: weights and 4 speedy treadmill miles.
Tuesday: 6 treadmill miles
Wednesday: weights at lunch.
Thursday: 6 treadmill miles with speed intervals.
Friday: weights and 4 miles with a few hill intervals.
Saturday: 12 miles outside!  The temps were in the mid 30's with lots of sunshine.  There were a few snowy patches on the roads but winter is getting gone.  Sure, there were a few times when I questioned my sanity (hey miles 2 through 7), but once I hit 7 miles and could say that I was over half finished my head got back in the game.  After 9 miles things got really easy because mentally all I had to do was run 3 miles and that's totally NBD.  Yes I was tired by the time I finished but overall I was in good shape.  I took a gel and water at mile 6 and finished my water at mile 9.  (I hate to admit it, but I probably need two gels instead of one for 12 milers and for race day...stay tuned).
Sunday: off!

  • From the treadmill: finished season 4 of Outlander and can't wait for season 5.  Got to find another treadmill TV show ASAP...I'm finally caught up on all of the latest seasons of my favorite shows.
  • From the couch: Frances Ha (yep been there) and something completely different from the old school: Broadway Babies
Finished Into the Water.  I really liked the writing, but got lost somewhere toward the end and couldn't quite make sense of the story (I'm assuming that this is me and not the book). Started Girl Stop Apologizing (I waited forever to jump on the Girl Wash Your Face bandwagon and didn't make that mistake this time).


  1. That spaghetti squash recipe actually made me do a double take! Whoa! Looks so, so good!!

    1. Oh man it was! I can't wait to make it again. There were several other spag squash recipes on the eating well site that I want to check out.