Sunday, July 28, 2019

Weekly Eats: Before Breakfast Edition

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  I'm coming at you before breakfast today.  It's been a busy week and it's going to be a busy day, so let's chat quickly while I sip coffee and figure out what to have for breakfast.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: breakfast potatoes and eggs

Tuesday & Thursday: breakfast burritos

Saturday: The "Look I'm a Runner" special, peanut butter & honey toast x 2.

Sunday: haven't decided yet;-)

Weekdays: lots of meetings, so I went with the flow and ate work lunch catering the whole week.  Nothing memorable to report.

Saturday: Air fryer shrimp tacos inspired by Tina.  Thumbs up to cooking shrimp in the air fryer and yes the recipe is as easy as she says.

Monday & Tuesday (family meals): Costco orange chicken and egg rolls

Wednesday (date night): hey even though it was a busy week, there's only so long that I'm going to go without cooking.  Mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes, and pan fried zucchini.

Thursday (girls night out): Went out on the town with my girls.  Perfect weather+patio+one of every appetizer on the menu.

Friday (family meal): hamburgers with garden fresh tomatoes & fries (sweet potato for me, regular for everyone else)

Saturday (family meal): we had friends over and put away a couple of pizzas

30 miles of bliss and week 6 of this speed plan.  After many hot weeks, the weather finally gave me a break and I had the luxury of running in high 50's/low 60's all week.
Monday: 4 miles, weights at lunch
Tuesday: 6 miles including 6 x 4 minutes of speed/2 minutes recover
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 5 miles including 8 x 45 seconds of speed/2 minutes recover
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 8 miles outside finally after weeks on end of Saturday long runs the treadmill
Next week: the heat is back.  Whomp whomp.

Adults: classed it up with Much Ado About Nothing
Family: the boys got to see their father in a whole new light.  Back in the 80's, my husband and his friends remade a certain popular action movie.  Said friends brought the footage to our house last night.  It's an hour of them with a camcorder with the real movie spliced in here and there and it is everything and more.

My purpose in writing these recaps is to highlight the good stuff and either omit or briefly skim the bad.  So with that frame of mind, I will tell you that I finished The Clockmaker's Daughter.  My history with Kate Morton:
  • The Lake House was so good that if you haven't read it, please drop everything and start it now.
  • The Secret Keeper was a bit of a slog.  In the end I liked it but the story wasn't wildly dissimilar to The Lake House so IMO you should skip it and read The Lake House instead.
  • Good things to say about The Clockmaker's Daughter: I got it from the library, and I'm still interested in reading Kate Morton's other books.

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