Sunday, October 27, 2019

Weekly Sweats: Taper Time

This week's sweat recap: 26 miles of running and the countdown to half marathon #3.  All of my official training is done, so the hay is in the barn.  All that's left is to taper and enjoy the race.

I'm linking up with the Weekly Run Down, please head over to Kim and Deborah to check it out. 

Monday: 3 easy treadmill miles, weights at lunch.

Tuesday: 5 treadmill miles, ladder style: 1 mile warm up, then 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 minutes fast/2 minutes recover.  I beat my treadmill 5 mile PR by 8 seconds.
So I was feeling great and rolled into the office for...a day of complete inactivity.  In a normal day I use my standing desk for a bit, get out for a quick walk at lunch, and walk the dog at night, but this was a meeting heavy day and a late night.  That wasn't a good combo with the AM PR and by the time I left work I had a tight hip that was affecting my gait.

Wednesday: no running to let my hip settle down, weights at lunch = everything back to normal by the end of the day.

Thursday: 5 mile easy treadmill run

Friday: 3 mile treadmill hill workout, and I'm very happy with how these are going.  Everything was one click easier/stronger from last week.  In theory, I would have lifted at lunch except I've realized that I'm bored to tears with my current routine and it's time to move on.  I'm not going to start anything new this close to a big race, so next week's lifting plan will be quickie body weight stuff.

Saturday: last long run of the training cycle!  10 miles outside.  I alternated one mile easy with one mile of 0.1 miles fast/0.1 miles easy and oh man if you're looking for a way to make 10 miles fly by in a heartbeat, this is it.  Autumn peaked last weekend but there are still plenty of gorgeous colors out there.  I have loved every outside mile this October.

Sunday: off;-)

Half Marathon #3 Game Plan and Thoughts
I'm feeling pretty fly these days.  Running 10 miles is a lot easier now than it was last spring in preparation for half marathon #1.  I'm pretty optimistic that warm weather will not be an issue for an early November race as it was for half marathons #1 & #2.  The forecast is ranging from 30ish to 40ish, which is a dream come true.

With that said, I'm also pretty tired, so I will be cutting back like crazy next week so that I'm fresh on race day.  I think I'll take Mon/Thurs/Sat off and keep Tues/Wed/Fri in the 3-4 mile range.

A goal: 11 minute pace.  Sure it might be a bit of a dream but I ran a 10 mile race last spring at that pace and I'm in better shape now, so why not dream?
B goal: sub 2:30
C goal: just finish!

My plan to get there: I don't think this race has pacers, so it's up to me.  I've set my Garmin for 13 one mile repeats @ 11:30 pace.  I didn't set an 11:00 pace because I think that would set me up to run too fast at the beginning and if I can't maintain it, the Garmin will just mock me for 13 miles and no one needs that.  Knowing that this is a flat course and the weather is on my side, 11:30 should be very attainable.  By setting one mile repeats, I won't be able to see anything except the mile that I'm in which should keep me from staring at my watch and if I have a slow mile it won't tank my perception of the race as a whole.

My race plan:
  • miles 1-4 do not look at watch, do not go fast
  • miles 4-10 just hang out, put some energy in but do not show off
  • miles 10-12 do whatever I want
  • miles 12+ put some spunk into it
  • not sure how many/where water stops are, but I'll drink at all of them and take gels around miles 4 & 9.
Contingency Plan
I loved Heather's Toronto Marathon recap.  She was going to run Chicago but was sick on race day so...she skipped the race and then ran the Toronto marathon the next weekend instead.  I love the idea of having a "backup" race.  All systems are a go for next weekend, but if we get freaky weather or if I get sick (not planning on it but everyone on the planet has a cold right now), the internet tells me that there are two half marathons the weekend after my race within decent driving distance, so I've got eggs in other baskets if needed.

I Need Your Advice
  • Does anyone have a quick post run routine (no longer than 5 minutes)?  Right now I roll my legs and feet, but that's it.  I'd love to come up with a few minutes of stretching but I'm not sure what to do.  Feel free to include links if you have a post on this.
  • What's your strategy for half marathons?  Any advice for me on race day?


  1. Post run, I do yoga videos--I like Yoga with Adriene and Five Parks Yoga. They both have some nice total body stretch routines. Adriene's videos are a little shorter than FPY.

    As far as race day strategy, my plan is always to go out slower in the beginning and save my legs for the back half. I'm not saying I do that but that is always my plan! :p This upcoming one will be done with run/walk intervals 4:1.

  2. I do a few post run stretches from Peloton post run (most days) I feel so much better when I do. Looks like you have a good plan and you are feeling confident about your race. Good luck!

  3. Always start slower than you think you should! 13.1 is a long way to go. Good luck!

  4. I love how you have everything planned out for your race! Good luck!!

  5. Like Deborah, I usually do some pre and post run stretch classes from my Peloton app. I love that I can access them on my phone which makes it super convenient.

  6. I've been slacking on my post-run routine but I usually do some stretching and/or foam rolling when I have time. I try to just work my way up my body and pick a stretch for each part. So I might do a calf stretch, hamstring stretch, then hips/quads and inner thighs, glutes, etc. That way I don't forget anything. I just spend more time anywhere that is tight and the other areas I might so more dynamic stretching just to go through the range of motion (might only be like 20-30 seconds).
    You will do great in your race! Just start out easy and I'm sure your body will know what to do. It sounds like based on your training you could run your goal pace!

  7. It sounds like you have a good plan! The flat course and the weather sound like they should be ideal. It's smart to have an idea about back up races too, I've never thought about that before.

  8. I like to use this video for stretching but you could make the hold time shorter or drop one of the stretches. It's a good one!
    I usually just set one watch face with my current overall pace and total distance. That way a few slow miles won't throw me off too much and I have a good idea what my finish time will be.

  9. You are so ready! And so mentally ready, with your training plan and setting your Garmin splits ;) Also, I love that ladder workout on the treadmill, it's my favorite way to do speed!

  10. I think you are gonna rock the race ;-) Your pace goal (I think) is gonna be far easier than you're anticipating due to all the speedwork you've done. Your comments, though are spot-on (do not go too fast, do not show off, add some spunk). Best of luck!!!

  11. a colleague of mine sent me a tai chi video that we've even done a few times at work after lunch. it's a great stretch and takes only 10 minutes. Yoga and/ or any type of stretching after running, just TAKE THE TIME to do it. I have the feeling we all stretch but many people don't stretch long enough. Especially this week, stretch and hold and breathe... you will rock the race!!

    I love the 1 mile repeat idea! I've totally done that before or even set up run / walk intervals. You are going to do great you've put the training in - this race is yours!

    I had a DNF in Warsaw last year because I was sick and just too cold; my body used up all my energy reserves before the race and I was just so ill by mile 6. 3 weeks later was Amsterdam so my husband was able to secure me a bib and I ran it instead. Sometimes you just gotta do what you what you gotta do!

  12. Yay on making it to taper time! Isn't it crazy how sitting can make us ache? I suffer from the same effects of my job. Post run, I try to do 2 sets of 30 second calf stretches on each side and 2 sets of figure 4 hip/glute stretches on each side. Good luck with your Half! You won't need a backup. ;-)