Monday, January 6, 2020

Weekly Eats: Sunday Chili on Saturday

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition I found a surprising use for sauerkraut and we tried a fancy chili recipe and discovered that we are fancy people.


I worked from home at the beginning of the week which made it easy to roast up a big ol' batch of breakfast potatoes for breakfasts.  Favorite way to eat said potatoes, covered with a mess of salsa and two drippy eggs.

My other favorite breakfast of the week was inspired by a combo that I've seen on Peanut Butter Runner and fANNEtastic Food: sauerkraut and eggs.  Yes it's not for everyone but I enjoyed it.  Toast stacked with avocado, sauerkraut, and scrambled eggs.  The sauerkraut was leftover from our big family New Year's Day dinner.

Oh yes I did make another batch of Well Plated's Chickpea Salad, to go with avocado and flatout wraps.  I'm not much of a sandwich person for lunch but I've been digging this lately.

Monday (family meal): leftover Budget Bytes Best Weeknight Pasta Sauce.

Tuesday (family meal, New Year's Eve):  you know who came up with the idea for this meal and cooked it?  Not me, that's who.  I had just run a 5k and hubs stepped up and grilled chicken for us.  Very simple and very good.

Wednesday: family New Year's Dinner, a very traditional pork and sauerkraut at SIL #3's house.  Our task was to make desserts and we made a cookie cake, and yes you're allowed to make fun of my attempt to write "2020" in chocolate chips on the cake.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): we finished the pasta.

Friday (date night/fend for yourself eats): neither one of us felt like eating anything specific, so we foraged in the freezer.  I had the last of the Korean BBQ stir fry (Pinch of Yum sauce) and he had a Trader Joe's shepherd pie.

Saturday (date night #2): the chili that I normally make is based on a Rachel Ray recipe and is super fast.  Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to up my game so I tried Pinch of Yum's Sunday Chili.  It's not super fast, once you get it all in the pot it cooks for two hours.  My only change was to leave the jalapeno out (for my husband's benefit, not mine).
Verdict: Team Sunday Chili, although we'll keep our quickie in our back pockets for nights when we don't have two hours to cook dinner.  To give you an idea of how good this is, I usually have a little chili mixed in with all of the hot sauce, all of the cheese, and all of the sour cream, but I ate about half of my bowl with nothing added to it.

Sunday (family meal): adults had chili, steps had Costco chicken skewers and rice.  The kids don't like chili and this is so good that we aren't about to waste it on anyone who doesn't appreciate it.

Our family's first Hitchcock!  On New Years Eve we watched North by Northwest.  At first the kids were like "meh, old people talking, not our scene" but as soon as the car scene came on, they were like "hey these old people know how to make good movies" and got right in to it.  It was exactly like watching 80's action movies with them, they had a constant commentary going about how they would have solved all of Cary Grant's problems.

On date night, hubs and I saw Dial M for fact the last time I was in NYC I saw it in 3D at the Film Forum.

Still happily paging away at Rebecca.


  1. Again, more yummy eats! That chili....holy mouth watering. I could eat chili every day, especially in the winter. And, Hitchcock was nothing short of a genius. I studied film/broadcasting in college, and his work was ground-breaking. I also minored in English and he was a fun one to analyze LOL

    1. Yes, love him. Not only have I seen the movies on my own but now I get to rewatch them with my husband, and someday I'll see them with the boys.

  2. Ooh... I had never thought about sauerkraut and eggs but that sounds like a really interesting combination! I'll have to remember that.

    1. It really is, and it's funny that I read about it on the other blogs a long time ago and that was the first thing that came in to my head when my SIL was packing up leftovers for everyone.

  3. It all looks great! We had a New Year's cookie cake as well. I was amazed how long it lasted....mostly because it was I who was not eating it. Haha!

    1. Ha, with two growing boys in the house I am blessed - the cookie cake doesn't last long and the boys eat it so fast that I have built in portion control;-)

  4. You are inspiring me to make more recipes!

    1. Thanks, and you just inspired me that I need to come up with a better plan for this week than the fact that we have a lot of pizza leftover from a party last night.