Monday, May 4, 2020

Weekly Eats: A Break from Social Distancing

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  This was a very busy and very sad week, and at the end of it we can say that we got through it and found something to eat along the way.

A Break from Social Distancing

My father-in-law passed away this week.  When my husband told me that things weren't looking good, I thought how sad that he wouldn't be able to be with him in person again.  But it turns out that when someone is dying there is no reason to protect them from COVID-19, so his assisted living facility let the family come in to be with him on his final day.  After taking our temperatures and doing a basic health screen, they let us come in and set aside a room for us and we took turns going to see him.  There was no social distancing that day.

This week saw the return of the avocado, sausage, and cheddar scramble along with the usual breakfast suspects.

All the tacos.  I made up a big batch of Pinch of Yum's Spicy Sofritas but with tempeh instead of tofu and stir fried some peppers.  Combined all of the above with some refried beans into a batch of freezer burritos (or tacos, whatever you call a bunch of yummy stuff wrapped up in a tortilla).

I also had the tempeh with rice and sweet potatoes (big batch that I have on hand in the freezer).

Monday: leftover meatloaf and twice baked potatoes.

Tuesday: Costco orange chicken and egg rolls.  I had to work late, so the menfolk made dinner for me.

Wednesday: Chicken parm.  A quick dinner after a draining day.

Thursday: rando night.  The kids finished the orange chicken, hubs finished the meatloaf, and I had salmon.

Friday: Mandatory takeout night, burgers

Saturday: just because we'd had burgers the night before doesn't mean that we didn't have them again.

Sunday: oh yeah!  A Foodie Stays Fit White BBQ Chicken.

Not a lot.  Galaxy Quest for family viewing,

Still working on and enjoying The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell. And I "read" the audible version of Unorthodox.  It is nothing like the TV show: the show was excellent and the book was excellent and they were very different from each other.  I highly recommend both and yay she wrote a sequel so that's on my list.


  1. Unorthodox was very interesting! My best friend from college is Jewish, and she told me there was a lot of stuff going on that even she wasn't aware of. I need to get my hands on the book!

    1. It was beautifully written and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

  2. I would have had your Thursday salmon!
    I watched Unorthodox and I thought it was interesting. We live next to a synagogue and right in the middle of an Orthodox community. To be honest, not everything in the film was very fair - while I am sure a lot is going on, not all Jewish women are that naive (they know what Google is and what pork looks like ). I should read the book!

    1. She definitely knew what Google was IRL! She started a blog back while she was still married. I think you'll be much more satisfied with the book.

  3. The food looks delicious! How nice that they made dinner for you when you had to work late. I'm sorry to hear about your father in law but that's really nice you were able to see him one last time. I haven't tried Unorthodox yet but it's on my list. How strange that the book and show are so different.

    1. I love cooking but I love having my tribe cook for me even more. This is a really random comparison, but Unorthodox book/show kind of reminds me of Kathy Reich's Bones novels vs the show...they're both about a character named Temperance Brennan and everything else is completely different.

  4. So very sorry about your father in law. What a tough time to lose someone you love. Thank goodness the facility allowed you to visit and spend some final moments with him. I know many places are not allowing that.

    All of that food looks so yummy! I've definitely been cooking more and might nab some of those ideas as inspiration!

    1. Thank you. It's really tough to be 91 but he still had some good days. Our only contact with him since the pandemic started was through the window of his room and it was so wonderful to be with him in person again.

  5. I'm so sorry about your father in law. Glad you were able to be with him before he passed.

  6. I am so sorry to read about your father-in-law. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I am glad you got to be with him at the end.

    I always come away from your posts feeling hungry! The food pics look delicious.