Monday, June 8, 2020

Weekly Eats: Getting Out

A weekly roundup: eats, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition I found (another) winning vegetarian taco recipe and we left the house TWO TIMES.

For the most part, breakfast these days is a quick Cliff bar pre-workout and glass of kefir or protein bar afterwards.  Exception made for my husband's made-from-scratch-waffles this weekend.

Continuing to rock the salad thing: rice, roasted sweet potatoes, salad mix, shrimp, avocado, and dressing.

This weekend I gave Well Plated's Tempeh Tacos a try.  Any recipe that uses liquid smoke is going to be a winner.

Monday: sloppy Joe's

Tuesday: It was a busy day at work and both of us were pretty wiped by dinner time.  We couldn't figure out what we wanted and I was headed for the mac n'cheese when hubs pointed out that...whoa brace yourselves guys...there's no law that says we can't do takeout more than once a week.  So the four of us got in the car and left the house to go to the drive in burger place.  We are crazy people.

Wednesday: Costco orange chicken and egg rolls.

Thursday: Leftover night!  The kids finished the orange chicken and the adults tucked into freezer burritos.  Anytime we have leftover chicken or taco filling I've been rolling it up into burritos and keeping them in the freezer for later.  Hubs's favorite combo is chicken, rice, cheese, and Trader Joe's fire roasted pepper mix, mine is beef and refried beans.

Friday: mandatory take out night via the Lebanese place.  Mine is a shawarrma pita pizza.

Saturday: the boys and stepdog spent the weekend with their mother and hubs and I just didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We took a break from mandatory burger night and did grilled chicken instead.

And then instead of walking the dog we met up with friends at a brewery and tucked into a beer flight.

Sunday: the whole fam is back under the same roof.  Back to business as usual with baked ziti

And a dog walk and chocolate chip cookie cake for dessert.

I finished Waco, which (spoiler) doesn't fall in the fluffy feel good happily ever after category, but it was a really good show.  I chased it down with some Married at First Sight.

The winning reading streak continues!  I finished Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok and then tore right into The Better Sister by Alafair Burke.  It's going fast.


  1. Take out twice! Wow!
    Wait - but did it really happen? Where's the photo?
    I do love the Lebanese pita-pizza thing, though.
    Also, your salads look delicious. The only thing I wouldn't eat would be the shrimp (allergies), otherwise I'd have your salad every day.

  2. I love your idea of sneaking leftovers into burritos. I need to get on that band wagon. We saw the previews for Waco...not sure I could handle it. It's probably an interesting story none the less.