Monday, January 4, 2021

Weekly Eats: Out with a Bang


A weekly roundup: eats, watches, and reads.  The year ended with a bang with an amazing new recipe find and if you're looking for silly TV recommendations, I have your back. 


Lots of avocado toast.

First batch of hubby waffles of the year.


My freezer stash of veggie burritos are in heavy rotation right now...they're easy to heat up, they do a great job of filling me up, and I never get tired of them.

I was looking for something besides burritos to put into my lunch rotation and remembered Gimme Some Oven's Thai green curry.  I cut the recipe down because I like soup but 8 servings is a bit much to take on.  I skipped the noodles and used 4 cups of broth, 2 cups of Costco stir fry veggie mix, and a block of air fried tofu.  I used red curry paste (because I like it better) ad added a few kaffir lime leaves to the soup while it simmered and got exactly what I wanted out of the deal.



Monday and Wednesday: the entire reason why I write the weekly eats posts is to highlight great recipes and this is it.  Please, please, please make this one for yourself.  This is Fannetastic Food's Healthy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole.  I used white rice and a bag of frozen broccoli and scaled down the sauce a bit since the recipe said to do that for frozen broccoli.  I didn't feel that it was too saucy at all so I'll try doing the full sauce next time.  The leftovers reheated as good as new, and it received rave reviews from all family members..

Tuesday: family party night, takeout from the Lebanese place.  Although we're not doing full family gatherings right now, we had a handful of adult nieces and a nephew in town and we hosted them for a night.  It was such a nice breath of normalcy to tide us over for a bit.

Thursday: NYE!  The boys were with their mom, and hubs and I stayed home...not because of social distancing but because that's our norm for NYE just about every year.  Hubs grilled up Delmonico steaks, portobellos, and zucchini.  I made mashed potatoes and Caesar salad (and for the salad when I say "made" I mean that I got a salad kit).

Friday: another "home alone" day.  When hubs and I were plotting dinner, I mentioned that we had Shepherd's Pie in the freezer which is always a surefire way to get my husband's attention.  I had spinach artichoke pasta and finished up the Caesar salad, so we both had the dinner that we wanted.

Saturday: a night out on the town, a.k.a we went to the hamburger drive in place.

Sunday: we're gearing up for tomorrow's return to school and work.  I made Pinch of Yum Tortellini Soup and got a big crusty loaf of french bread to have on the side.



We both took the week off of work, so there was lots of very silly TV in the house this week.

  • We saw Wonder Woman 1984...yeah don't feel bad if you don't get around to this one.  We watched it the night that our nieces and nephew were over, so the company was fun at least.
  • WW 1984 may have been a dud but getting HBO Max led us to a rewatch of one of the best shows ever.  I can't find a decent trailer for it so I'm linking to the NPR story where I learned about the show High Maintenance.  Back when we saw it, it was a web show on Vimeo of random stories of New Yorkers and "The Guy" (their pot dealer).  10 minute episodes with hilarious/jaw dropping stories.  It's on HBO Max now.  There are two listings for it, the HBO version and the original web series, which is the one I'm raving about.  We rewatched the entire web series and then checked out the regular show.  No complaints, it's just that 30 minute episodes feel long compared to 10 minute episodes and if you have kids==>the adult content in the web series is very subtle but wowza, hide the kids if you watch the regular show because they go all out.

  • And finally, our NYE flick was Palm Springs. We love Lonely Island and this is the perfect "bye bye 2020" flick.



I'm just not feeling the books.  I DNF'd the Lisa Jewell book that I started last week if that's any indication.  But my current audio book is a different story...I already talked about it in my Weekly Sweats post but Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer is everything and then some.  Normally I'd consider a 12 hour audio book to be long, but in this case it's not nearly long enough and I will miss it when I'm done.


  1. That chicken broccoli rice casserole looks and sounds great! I like the way the recipe is written - so easy to follow.
    What a shame we don't have HBO Max. I also checked if Palm Springs is on Netflix - unfortunately it isn't.
    I watched the Lorena documentary, it was short (30 mins) and quite impressive. She wins trail races in sandals and a long skirt. I think think they could have done a better job with making the story even more captivating for non-runners, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  2. We didn't have any expectations for WW84, so we enjoyed it. Not great but not bad either. We're watching Bridgerton on Netflix and last night watched a Warren Miller ski film. Always enjoyable. We watched Palm Springs a while back and it was a pleasant surprise!

  3. That broccoli rice dish looks delish! The hubs and I had steak on NYE, too ;-) I can't remember if you have Netflix (?), but a cute show the hubby and I upon is Home for Christmas. The premise is a single gal whose mom is obsessed with marrying her off LOL. I think it's set in Norway (so my Norwegian heritage is all about that).

  4. I'd LOVE that broccoli/rice creation. Sadly I'd be the only one here who'd eat it. Dang picky family. OMG WW was a massive DUD indeed. We couldn't even get through it. We gave up with a full hour to go. Waaayy too long!

  5. Tortellini Soup is a favorite in our house. And I love that you always have a 'real lunch'. I often just eat a "snack" and call it lunch and then I am starving by dinner time LOL