Monday, January 25, 2021

Weekly Eats: Wax and Wane


A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  Last Sunday I got my act together and did a bunch of meal prep that I benefited from this week.  This Sunday...oops my meal planning mojo has gone AWOL so I have no clue what to eat.  Likewise this week's TV situation is a wax and books are a wane.


Mostly Clif bars on running mornings, but there were some eggy things here and there...such as scrambled egg with feta and a bagel thin.


Meal Prep Goodness #1: barbacoa beef and Meal Prep Goodness #2: roasted sweet potatoes, cilantro lime rice (already in the freezer), cole slaw mix with Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressing, and quickie guac (1/3 avocado mashed with salt and onion powder).  After a few days I packed up the rest of the barbacoa beef into small portions in the freezer to bring back for future lunches.


Meal Prep Goodness #3: I made a big ol' batch of breakfast potatoes (same recipe with a generous pinch of ranch dressing mix added to the potatoes before baking).


Monday: leftover chicken pot pie.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Budget Bytes Weeknight Pasta.

Thursday: my all time favorite family dinner...whenever I suggest it there is a 50% chance that my husband will have the kids make it which makes me like it even more.

Friday: mandatory pizza night.

Saturday: mandatory burger night.  I got fancy and made a half batch of Budget Bytes Comeback sauce (basically mayo and ketchup mixed together with a few other things).

The chicken pot pie left us craving an apple pie, but I ran out of steam by the weekend and settled for a 10 minute dessert...oh yes it's the famous s'mores pie.  I think the family consensus is that we're still craving an apple pie but everyone was happy to get distracted by s'mores.

Sunday: A quick save to make it look like I had a plan for dinner.  I always try to keep ground beef, kidney beans, and canned tomatoes in the house for this very reason...chili mac.


Sniff, hubs and I finished His Dark Materials.  Season 3 hasn't started filming yet so we're high and dry for a while.  There is a high likelihood that we'll be reading the books.

On my own I saw The Courage to Run, which is about the marathon that Gabe Grunewald trained Chip Gaines for, and spoiler yes it made me cry.  


Then I took advantage of our temporary HBO subscription to finally see the Lindsey Vaughn documentary, which was also very good and less weepy.  

And since I'm back on the treadmill for running, there is treadmill TV to talk about!

  • Finished season 5 of Suits, which I think I will need to continue as a couch show b/c the premise is starting to wear thin and it's getting to be a little tedious for a treadmill show.  At this point I don't think there is anyone left who doesn't know that Mike isn't a lawyer, is it asking too much to start another story line?
  • Started season 5 of Outlander!  It grinds my gears that seasons 1-4 are now on Netflix but I wasn't willing to wait any longer for season 5 so I caved and forked out $5 for Starz for the month.  Outlander is a case where I saw season 1, read the first book, saw season 2, started the 2nd book and realized that the books and the show are identical so there's not much point in doubling up.  Show > book b/c never in my literary imagination would I be able to come up with Sam Heughan with his shirt off.  And of course if you're a treadmill runner that's another case for show > book;-)



Read a few more chapters of One by One by Ruth Ware.  I'm in no hurry.


  1. That chicken pot pie still looks delicious. I don't think I would have had any leftovers for Monday. Your meals look great even without planning and prepping!

    I'll check out "Outlander", sounds interesting! Thanks for that. I have started "How to get away with murder". It's ok, I'd give it a 7 on a scale of 10.

    Bookwise I have picked up "Antifragile" again. It's not fiction, which means I need to concentrate more, which means it takes much longer. But I'm learning lots so it's worth it.

    1. Outlander is great, although it's very graphic in places...specifically I spent the entire last episode of season 1 staring at my treadmill display instead of the TV. I made it up to the last season of Murder. The story got a bit ridiculous after the first few seasons BUT it was entertaining AND I'd watch Viola Davis in anything. I have my ear out for a Showtime series called First Ladies where she's going to play Michelle Obama...I don't think it's started production yet but that will be a must watch for sure.

  2. All great eats (like usual!). Have you guys (aka, the entire family) seen Cobra Kai? Our son binge-watched it recently, and told us about it, so now we're hooked. It's most of the kids from the original Karate Kid movie, but they're all grown up, and still hostile towards each other. We liked Murder, but it did drag on a bit in the last season. Viola Davis was incredible, though. I tried to like Outlander, but just couldn't get into it, but the hubby totally went down that rabbit hole LOL

    1. Yes! We saw season 1 together but the kids bailed on season 2 so hubs and I saw it for date night. We'll get to season 3 soon.

  3. Chip Gaines ran a marathon??? I must watch. I had to laugh when I saw your chicken pot pie. Where I live, we would call that just chicken pie. Chicken pot pie is a chicken stew with big, flat (homemade) egg noodles, chicken, celery, and carrots in a saffron chicken broth.

    1. Oh yes he did! Wearing a tool belt but that goes without saying. I was going to say that if someone gave me "chicken pot pie" with no pie crust that I would be highly upset but then I reflected that "Shepherd's Pie" has no crust so....

  4. S’mores pie needs to make its way to my house! We tried Suits but just couldn’t get into it. We just finished Ted Lasso on Apple+ and loved it!

    1. Definitely treat yo'self to the pie! I put in many a treadmill mile with Suits so thanks for that but it's time to move on. Luckily I have a season of Outlander and Call the Midwife to get me through winter running.