Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekly Eats: Valentine's Edition

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads. Valentine's Day Edition.

Last week I left off with the teaser that I would not be doing my own cooking this week.  Now I can tell you is that we got up obscenely early on Wednesday to do this:

So that we could spend the rest of the week doing this:

And this:

So that's your full summary of how we spent our week.  It had been a while since hubs and I took a vacation on our own, and a few weeks ago we realized that Valentine's Day week was the perfect time to go.  We stayed at an all-inclusive, adults only resort somewhere that required a passport.  Sure, it wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't that expensive.  And it was absolutely perfect.  Having other people take care of our every single need for a few days was just what the doctor ordered.  We'll be going back.

How we planned our vacation: we surveyed everyone we knew who had been to the area and found out where they stayed.  After finding that everything was already booked up, we turned to TripAdvisor and picked a place of the top 10 list.

We hit up the buffet for breakfast.  Fruit, scrambled eggs and potato hash topped with a mess of red salsa and onion salsa, and a little bacon to wash it down.

Lunch was sandwiches delivered poolside.  No pictures but this guy hung out with us.

We had a Mexican dinner, an Italian dinner (pictured - grilled salmon over potatoes), a steakhouse dinner, and a Japanese dinner.  All of the portions were small (a.k.a perfect).

The desserts were the perfect size.

16 miles of running this week.  When we go on vacation, we always work out but it's super casual.  I had the goal of running between 3-4 miles for the three full vacation days.
Monday: weights and four mile easy treadmill run.
Tuesday: six mile easy treadmill run.
Wednesday: off
Thursday: three mile treadmill run.  The resort gym was air conditioned, but not enough to keep up with the heat.  It was miserable.  Also worth mentioning: it was my first ever treadmill run without TV.  I listened to a podcast.
Friday: three miles outside run.  The resort had lots of walkways and trails that were shaded and perfect for walking and running.  But even though I went out early my body wasn't ready to take on the change in temperature so it was slow going.
Saturday: off, I mean c'mon it was the last day of vacation.
Sunday: off.  I may take tomorrow off as well to catch up on sleep from our early wake up call this morning.

  • From the treadmill: Outlander season 4.
  • From the couch: rewatched Bodyguard as my inflight entertainment.  We watched a few MST3Ks at night to unwind from our long days on the beach.
When we go to the beach, the books come out.  Two hits and two misses to report.

Book 1: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.  There is a lot of hype about this one and it is 100% justified.  All I can say is drop everything now and go read it.

Book 2: [Redacted].  Really the biggest problem about this book was that it was merely good and I'd just come off a great read with Crawdads.  But the more I think of it, it's not worth recommending.  Though better than anything that I've written....

Book 3: [Redacted].  It was a great page turner - great premise, great characters and it all went no where.  All imma say is it was about a doctor and it was bogged down with so much medical detail to try to stretch the plot into a full length book.  I ended up skimming this one just to find out what happened and ended up rolling my eyes and moving on to the next book.  Again, it was better than anything that I've written.

Book 4:  Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Oh yes, we are back on track.  I'm halfway through.

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