Sunday, February 24, 2019

Weekly Eats: Lucky Charms Treats Edition

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.
In this week's breaking news, I made lucky charms treats, had some single girl time, and went to Trader Joe's.

A fact about Lucky Charms: we don't have them very often because they don't bring out the best behavior in some certain stepsons.  They will eat an entire box in one sitting.  I may or may not have a secret stash hidden away somewhere for the occasional post run treat.  Another fact: I am a sucker for a rice krispy treat.  So when the internet told me recently about Lucky Charms treats, I thought this would be the next two great tastes that taste great together.

Hmm...well Lucky Charms bars are OK.  The biggest problem I saw was that the marshmallow coating dripped down, leaving a gooey white layer on the bottom.  And the charms lost some of their crispness.  I'm not calling this one a fail, just an idea that needs more work.  But they have been convenient to have around the house this weekend for snacks.

Monday: fruit, cereal bar, cheese

Tuesday: Breakfast burrito
Wednesday: Eggs on toast...fallback plan for when you want avocado toast but your avocado isn't ripe yet.

Thursday and Friday: avocado toast (finally!)

Saturday: homemade Egg McMuffin with chicken sausage

Sunday: a Lucky Charms treat bar.  Quickie bite to get myself and stepdog out the door for a Sunday morning walk before the rain started.

Weekdays: All salads all the time.  This one has a salmon filet that I cooked at home with the dressing from Skinny Taste's Seattle Salmon Bowl.

Saturday: snacks

Sunday: I put a little more thought than usual into lunch.  I spiralized a zucchini, cooked up some pasta, and grilled up some chicken.

Added pesto and a slice of cheese and was very happy.  I made two portions, one for now and one for leftovers.

Monday (family meal): the annual Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner, aka one of my favorite dinners of the year.  We always invite our neighbors to come with us, and the stepsons work the event, so we get good service.

Tuesday (family meal): leftover chili mac.

Wednesday (date night): Chicken pan fried with a little butter, broccoli, and boursin mashed potatoes.  I totally cheated made good use of work resources by bringing the mashed potatoes and salad home from our work lunch catering leftovers.  I misread "boursin" as "bourbon" mashed potatoes so I had to try a bite at lunch and they were so good that I immediately scrapped my plans to hit up the grocery store.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): hubs had chili mac, I finished up the mashed potatoes with a chicken sausage and peas.

Friday (family meal): Pizza

Saturday (single girl night): the menfolk were off on the Boy Scout ski trip all day.  I had a veggie burrito.  When they got home, the steps had leftover pizza and hubs had the last bowl of chili mac.

Sunday (family meal): tacos!  Our traditional Sunday dinner for boy scout camp weekends.

Meal Prep

A batch of veggie burritos and another round of breakfast burritos.

Trader Joe's Haul Deets
 I hadn't been to TJ's in a while, and I practically bought the entire store.
  • Everyday groceries: it hard to see, but there really is a decent amount of produce at the bottom of the cart.  And beer and wine.
  • TJ specific staples: Bay Blend Coffee (last time they only had two cans, this time they only had one can, I am very nervous about this), pure bourbon vanilla extract, This Fig Walks into a Bar cereal bars, olive oil spray, frozen bell pepper mix, Ezekiel Bread, a few protein bars, tofu, smashing s'mores bites.
  • New stuff to try: avocado oil, reduced sodium soy sauce (probably the only product that I prefer the low sodium version of.  We go through a ton of soy sauce in our house and I was very happy with TJ's price and the large sized bottle), ABC bars (almond butter cocoa bars), dried banana chips, TJ's 100 calories guac packs (tastes as good as if not better than Holy Guacamole and way cheaper - woot!)
I don't know what it is about going on vacation, but it always throws me off my workout game.  Now that I've figured out that this is normal, I just go with it.  20 miles of running this week.
Monday: first work day back from vacation, so skipped an A.M. workout in favor of an extra hour of sleep.  Weights at lunch.
Tuesday: 4 treadmill miles
Wednesday:Weights at lunch (I've been wanting to add a 3rd weight workout per week forever...let's see if I can keep this up).
Thursday: 4 treadmill miles.  I was ready to be done, but as soon as I got off the treadmill I really wanted to get back on.
Friday: Weights and 4 treadmill miles with a few hill intervals.
Saturday: 8 miles outside!  The temps were in the high 30's and I soaked it in.  1 mile cool down walk with stepdog after.
Sunday: off
Next up: ready to get back to full mileage next week and yikes my first half marathon is now three months away.

From the treadmill: Outlander

From the couch:
Finished Then She Was Gone.  ISO the next read.


  1. Oh man, Lucky Charms. The stuff of my childhood! Now my teeth hurt at the thought of eating them!

    Nice week of running! I just want winter to go away--I'm ready to run outside withouth having to wear all the layers!

    1. Amen to that! Being able to run outside last Saturday was such a gift. I'm already watching next weekend's forecast like a hawk...I'm so determined to get back out there.