Sunday, June 30, 2019

Weekly Eats: A Breakfast Shocker Edition

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  In this week's adventures, I had a new breakfast, revisited my single days, and went out on a spree with my sisters'-in-law.

Guys, I have to hit you up front with a shocker.  You will not find a single breakfast burrito or slice of avocado toast in this week's recap.  Without warning, I busted out an old favorite that I have not had in a very long time.  Everything Bagel Thins with whipped cream cheese, avocado, and smoked salmon.

Other things that were very different this week: the men in my life went away to scout camp, so I got to play single lady and live in a clean house for a week.  Now everything is back to normal and I have my men back and a house that looks like a boy scout exploded in it, which is exactly what happened.  In even rarer news, the planets aligned and every single one of my sisters-in-law was in town this weekend (you might have picked up that I have a lot of sisters-in-law), so we took advantage by going out on the town with the adult cousins, which morphed into a road trip of World Domination with a possible visit to Ikea today.

Monday: Veggie omelette with cheese and basil.  Veggies c/o Trader Joe's frozen bell pepper mix and mushroom medley.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: the above mentioned bagel thins.

Saturday: finally out of salmon and avocado, so just went with the cream cheese.

Sunday: a quick Clif bar in the car on the way to adventures with my SIL's.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Costco chicken skewers, sweet potato, Cashew crunch mix, and avocado.

Thursday: veggie burrito

Friday: Chrissy Teigan's actual drunken noodles

Saturday: burrito with a Costco chicken skewer, crunch mix, salsa, and sour cream.

Sunday: on the road with my SIL's and cousins.  We hit up Red Robin since one of the cousins has gluten issues and they have a gluten free burger.  With one eye on my diet, I had a wedgie burger.

Monday (single girl night): air fried salmon on top of pasta and zoodle mix with pesto.

Tuesday (single girl night): veggie burrito

Wednesday (family night, boy scout style): went out to see my menfolk at camp.  Grabbed a quick burrito with chicken skewers and crunch mix.

Thursday and Friday (more single girl nights): same pasta/zoodles/pesto with shrimp this time

Saturday (girls night out): Hit up a winery with my SIL's.

Sunday (date night): Chicken Parm Burgers with my sweetie.

Meal Prep
None.  We'll wing it until the holiday.

My Fitness Pal/Weight Loss update
Things are looking down.  Now solidly back in the 130's.  Subject to change after I see the results of my spree with the SIL's.

26 miles of running.  Summer decided to show up, so I got a chance to work on my weak spot, which is running in the heat.  Week 2 of this program, with things shuffled a bit to accommodate last week's race.
Monday: no running, resting from Sunday's 10k.  Weights at lunch
Tuesday: 5 pretty warm miles of running with 5 x 3.5 min speed/3 min recover
Wednesday: 4 super hot easy miles, weights at lunch
Thursday: 5 super hot miles with 6 x 45 seconds speed/2 min recover
Friday: 4 really hot miles easy, weights at lunch (pats self on back for 3 week streak of 3x weights/week).
Saturday: yeah, that's enough of working on heat running.  I poked my nose outside and found that breathing wasn't fun, so I took it down to the treadmill for the first time in 3 months.  Mentally and physically my body was perfectly happy to be back on the mill.  8 miles passed quickly. 

From the treadmill: picked back up with Line of Duty, my workout ended halfway through the last episode of season one.  Depending on next week's weather I'll make a judgement call on whether to finish it on the mill or on the couch.
From the couch: a bunch of Married at First Sight on my own.  Hubs has been reading Raymond Chandler lately, so we saw Lady in the Lake tonight.

Finished Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak.  Toward the end I could not put it down, so in that sense it was a good book, but I was kind of disappointed by the ending.  I'll do my best to say why without getting into spoilers, which is that I was rooting for the person who wins in the end, but that person's problems seemed to have an awfully convenient solution.


  1. The heat is really killing my running mojo! Glad to see you got 26 miles this week.

    1. Oof it's even hotter this week with no end in sight...kidney stones have definitely moved down to the bottom of my worry list!

      P.S. Runners, ya gotta check out Wendy's awesome post: