Monday, December 30, 2019

Weekly Eats: Christmas Recap

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  I'm not a big Christmas person, but I am a big time with family/downtime person.  Let's talk eats!

Lots of eggs and English muffins.

I wanted something on the healthy-ish side to counteract all of our holiday treats, so I turned to Well Plated's Chickpea Salad, which is super easy and pairs very nicely with avocado.

Christmas Dinner

  • Hubs made ham and a rib roast
  • I made Creme De La Crumb's Beef Gravy
  • SIL#1 & family brought veggies and rolls
  • SIL#3 & family brought mashed potatoes and appetizers
  • SIL#4 & family brought salad
  • Everyone brought desserts and wine
We did really well on the food, the only leftovers were a few pieces of ham, one roll, and desserts.

I ended up cutting back a lot on my baking this year because work was just a little intense.  And our cookie tray went walkabout sometime since last Christmas, so a 9"x13" had to stand in.
  • S'mores bars (NOTE: if you make this, you MUST double the recipe, just trust me on that)
  • Eggnog fudge
  • Oreo balls (recipe: mix one box oreos + one box cream cheese in the food processor, let sit in the fridge to harden a bit and then scoop into balls, freeze the balls, dip in chocolate, and enjoy)
  • "Pinterest Fail" cookies, I will not be sharing the link🙁
Hubs and I continued on our Hitchcock train, quite literally, with Strangers on a Train

As a family, we broke out the 80's movies.  We saw the Rifftrax version of Predator and Weird Science.

In our house computers are only allowed in the family room or living room, so we aren't too worried about the stepsons trying to recreate the Weird Science experiment.

Still happily working on Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, it's been a long time since I've read it and I'd forgotten how good the writing is.

Another week, another jigsaw puzzle


  1. By the looks of the food, you had a lovely Christmas! Yum! When I cliked on the Smores Bar recipe a pop up for 5 ways to lose weight comes up. Haha! It should say don't make the smores bars!

    1. Oh that's too funny! And it's not spam, that's the blogger's pop up right now. Well I guess we know what one of the tips is;-)

  2. That jigsaw puzzle is beautiful! And those cookies look delicious :) I love marshmallows so will have to look into that smore's bar.

  3. Oh, all that food! I'm especially eyeing that rib roast (any leftovers?). I used to love jigsaw puzzles...we'd do them all the time as a kid, especially during Christmas break.

  4. That puzzle! Wow!! I did a lot of baking and we did a lot of eating. This year was different in that we did more family things over the holidays. I think I prefer that!