Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Weekly Eats: Day Late Edition

A weekly round up, eats, watches, and reads.  For the first time in two years, I'm a day late with my weekly food recap.  Yesterday I ended up taking a "personal day" from the internet, something that I don't believe I've done since the internet was invented. 

My internet break was part necessity (just because it's a holiday week people still want their paychecks and I'm the person who makes that happen) and part necessity...I started working on a jigsaw puzzle and the stepsons were drawn to it like a magnet.  I mean they're usually interested in puzzles but this one really caught their attention and they gave up screen time to work on it.  The time with them was the best Christmas present I could have received.

Now that the puzzle is finished, I'm popping in to say hi and chit chat about food, Trader Joe's, and other goings on.

In addition to eggs 'n stuff and breakfast burritos, I'm having a moment with cheesy English muffins.

Ate off my freezer stash during the week, made curried beans and rice for the weekend (pictured up top).  Folks, it doesn't get any easier or healthier than this.

When Brown Eyed Baker shouts something out two weeks in a row in her weekly roundup, I take notice.  I made Pinch of Yum's Tortellini Soup for date night.  I didn't get the best picture, but it is the best food and was worthy of the shout out.  My husband and I were both very happy, TBD if the kids will like it but we're going to try it on them soon.
Cream is just a bit heavy for my taste, so I used half and half, and only one cup instead of two because our biggest pan is just a little small for the recipe.

Trader Joe's Haul Deets
I was low on coffee, so an emergency trip to TJ's was in order.  In addition to coffee, I did my shopping for the tortellini soup and picked up some bacon wrapped scallops for Christmas (oops, it's a box of 10 and we have 20 people coming, this could be interesting) and some peppermint pretzel slims.

On the treadmill: finished season 2 of Line of Duty.  Ok, I felt that the ending was rushed and I didn't quite follow all of the crosses and double crosses, BUT given that the show is 6 one hour episodes and I spent 5 hours and 45 minutes absolutely obsessed with every minute and the last 15 minutes going "huh?" that's still a win.

On the couch: finished season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and am in love.  Last week I commented on the actors and asked who else could possibly be in there, which was the universe's cue to have Jason Alexander and Wanda Sykes show up.

The hubs and I put away some serious Hitchcock this weekend: The Birds, To Catch a Thief, and Rope.

  • Finished Force of Nature by Jane Harper and it's a winner.  
  • Boston Bound by Elizabeth Clor.  I usually don't "read" running books, I really prefer to hear the audiobooks, but that wasn't an option here.  The book was every bit as good as Elizabeth's blog and I relate so well to her struggles with hot weather running.
  • Back to fiction!  Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier.


  1. I runfess I bought the mega bag of those peppermint pretzels from Costco...ok we've gone through two of them...but only because we've had lots of people over...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Haha!
    We're only a couple episodes into season 3 of Mrs Maisel and I don't want it to end!

  2. We used to love doing puzzles maybe I will get back to those this year! Have not been to TJ's in a long time

  3. We do most of our TV watching in January and February and season 3 of Mr.s Maisel is on our list of shows to watch!

    I've chatted with Elizabeth at a few races and she's really nice. I read her blog, but haven't read her book yet...