Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekly Eats: Home Cooked Meals

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  Our second full week of shelter in place, not much to say besides we're having the time of our lives and eating good food.

All the usual suspects: homemade Egg McMuffins, breakfast burritos, and of course air fryer french toast before my Saturday run.


The star of the show was Pinch of Yum's Spicy Sesame Zoodle bowls (pictured up top).  Other lunchtime offerings were veggie burritos.

And yes the basics had their due: tomato soup and cheese quesadillas.

Monday: tacos!  I just made a small batch, not our usual tacos for days.

Tuesday: leftover night  I had the last taco, hubs had shepherd's pie, the steps had their sunbutter noodles and tofu that I made last Sunday.

Wednesday: semi-homemade chicken parm.  Costco's panko chicken breasts and I mixed zoodles in with my pasta.

Thursday: time to take it easy.  Hotdogs for kids, chicken sausage for adults, and mac n'cheese for all.

Friday: takeout pizza, I also had a few garlic stuffed olives on the side.

Saturday: burgers!

Sunday: steak night!

Grocery Store Report
I made it straight eight days from last Thursday to this Friday without running any errands.  Late on Friday afternoon I hit up the drug store, the grocery store, Costco, and then picked up some pizzas for dinner.  If I'm being honest...what a pain, I will need to be shut up at home for much longer than a week before everyday errands become appealing.  And yes we should probably start doing pickup/Instacart but that's a project for another day.
  • Scenes from the grocery store: no eggs, not much cheese, and the french fry selection was limited.  Everything else looked normal.
  • Scenes from Costco: I was practically the only person in the store although the gas station was packed.  Food wise everything was well stocked except for frozen veggies.  Though they did have a ton of cauliflower rice, so if that's your jam Costco has your back.
Meal Plan
On my Friday grocery trip I came up with three meal ideas: burgers (had this Saturday), steak (for Sunday), and baked ziti (planned for Monday, that will be good for 2-3 meals depending on whether the kids are in to it or not.  Plus we have some assorted leftovers.  I plan to cook a few things each week and then do leftovers or (gasp!) have other members of my family plan and cook our dinners.

For snacks this week, I made a batch of chocolate chip banana bread muffins, which our monkeys ate in two days.  Then I made a batch of no bake chocolate sunbutter cookies, which are solidly meh although the kids are eating them.  My conclusion is that sunbutter just doesn't pair as well with chocolate as peanut butter.

For non sweet snacking options I made a big batch of rice tonight, which is a favorite snack of the stepkids.

All the movies.
  • Family: The Dirty Harry movies!  And Fletch!  Tonight the menfolks are watching Omega Man.
  • On my own: hitting up the WWI movies. 
    • Wings.  A.k.a. the first Best Picture Oscar winner/a movie that I've probably seen a dozen times in my life and it makes me cry every time.  It's a good one.

  • Noah's Ark.  The title is not exactly this movie's selling point, it's a WWI story AND the story of Noah's Ark and everything else that they could fit into the plot, safe to say that there are no dull moments in this one.  The story samples from a number of famous silent movies including Wings to the extent that I'm not sure if there's a single original idea in the script but they make it work.  Starring Drew Barrymore's grandmother and the same director as Casablanca, it's a hybrd silent/early talkie.  There's no trailer for me to tease you with, so I'll show you the sheet music instead.  When a silent movie has TWO theme songs instead of just one, you know you're watching an epic (lol like I need another hobby but yes I do play piano occasionally and collecting old time movie sheet music is quite an inexpensive past time).

I'm ISO some new TV shows, specifically a "good" show and a "good" trashy reality show to complement it, and I'm coming up dry.  I've tried a bunch of stuff on Hulu and Netflix and haven't found anything that's holding my attention.

Finished The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, moved on to The Bullet by Mary Louse Kelly.


  1. The food all looks delicious! I had to go out for groceries on the weekend and I agree, it seemed like a pain. We've been mostly ordering groceries and the main reason I went out was for allergy medicine. So I thought I'd do groceries at the same time. The only thing I noticed they were out of was flour.

  2. Gosh, again, everything looks amazing! I have to laugh at you referencing your "monkeys" eating all the choc chip banana muffins LOL I don't like bananas (developed a HUGE aversion to them in my second pregnancy), but I love banana muffins or bread. Throw in some choc chips and I'm not responsible for my behavior....

  3. I need to sit down and start playing the piano again! But with my college student studying from home, I don't know how well it would work.

    I have that Zoodles recipe on my counter after you recommended it. But I can't find tofu anywhere?

  4. Your food looks amazing as always. I scored the last carton of eggs at our grocery store. Our Costco was a ghost town as well, even the gas. It's crazy. There's a 10-15 minute wait to get in Trader Joe's since they limit the number inside at once. My daughter is begging me to make baked ziti. Next week for sure.