Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekly Eats: A Great Problem to Have


A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  I am still struggling mightily to plan meals in the never ending sea of work and kids' nighttime activities.  On the one hand I wish I was doing better at it and on the other hand the "problem" of having a good job that I enjoy and the kids getting to do neat stuff at night is a problem that I am very happy to have.


I got nothin'.  It's all a bunch of Cliff bars.


The week started on a solid note with the fried rice that I made last weekend, once it was gone I scrounged in the fridge for leftovers.


Monday: leftover soup from Sunday. 

Tuesday: the usual circus of me not being able to get away from work and the boys having a nighttime activity...hubs stepped up and fed us.

Wednesday: hubs made us a chicken, rice, and brocoli casserole that everyone in the family likes.  Except that he and the boys prefer the broccoli on the side and I like everything mixed together.

Thursday: it was just the adults for dinner that night and I actually found food for us.  Hubs had a chicken burrito (which I'd thrown together with leftovers from the last time we had grilled chicken...just add rice, Trader Joe's pepper and onion mix, and cheese).  I made a spontaneous quesadilla of refried beans, cheese, and the pepper and onion mix.  We had a ripe avocado so we treated ourselves to some spontaneous guacamole.

Friday: out on the town to the drive in hamburger place (seriously, if you own a drive in restaurant 2020 is your year).

Saturday: pre-half mararthon pizza.

Sunday: family dinner...of post half-marathon Chipotle which was about all that I could get my head around.  The stepkids did not hate this meal.

I Tried It

I like the concept of Pumpkin beer, but I've never found one that I liked.  Sorry but beer and cinnamon do not mix IMO.  A friend that I trust has been raving about Southern Tier Pumking for years, but I've never seen it out anywhere and didn't want to pony up for a six pack up front since I wasn't sure if I'd like it.  Trader Joe's had it the last time I was there so I was finally able to get just one bottle friend is right, it's good stuff.

A Blog Milestone

Hey congrats lil' blog!  Nine and a half years later we're at 100k page views.


Oooh I found a show on Netflix of all places.  I can't find a trailer for it, but Strong is a reality show where 10 average women pair up with 10 trainers and get ripped.  I wish the show focused more on the day to day process and less on the competition, but this is holding my attention for sure.


I finished Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones.  I was perfectly happy to take it slow until the second half of the book and then oooh things started happening and I could not put it down.  So yes it was a good one.  Next up Mexican Gothic, which has a lot of hype on it, and having read the first few chapters, my gut feeling is that the hype is justified.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Your breakfasts sound like mine haha. I usually have coffee and a granola bar. I really need to be better about nutrition.

    I love pumpkin beer! I just recently had Sam Adams Oktoberfest for the first time all year. The local breweries haven't been releasing the pumpkin beers on tap yet. Hope they do soon!

    1. I've been obsessed with Oktoberfest's this year. My favorite was Thirsty Dog, Great Lakes is a close second.

  2. Definitely a nice problem to have, Birchie.
    I love your pre-HM pizza - and congrats on running TWO HMs in TWO weeks! Pretty awesome!
    I just checked online whether pumpkin beer is available in Switzerland. Yes it is!
    "Strong" sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I've gone from liking Strong to being obsessed with it! I hope it's on Switzerland Netflix.

  3. AT first glance I thought it said "pre-marathon half pizza" LOL I know I could easily eat half of a pizza for carb-loading ;-)

    1. The joke is yes it was a half marathon BUT I ate the whole was a small pizza and I didn't eat the crusts so it's not as much as it sounds;-) Gotta have the carbs.

  4. Another week of good eats! I was never a huge beer drinker but this year I have really liked trying out different types of beers. I will look for this one the next time I'm in Trader Joes!

    1. I love that TJ's lets you buy just one beer instead of a six pack. That makes it easy to sample.

  5. I'm like you, never was a fan of pumpkin beer, but I'll have to try the TJs version!

    1. It's not a TJ's beer, but the point of getting it at TJ's is that they let you buy just one beer...that way if I don't like it I'm only out a beer instead of stuck with a six pack.