Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekly Eats: All It Takes is One


A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  This started as an uninspiring food week, but then we stumbled on an incredible chicken recipe that I am going to tell you about and strongly suggest that you make for yourself.  Every meal doesn't have to be a star...all it takes is one.  In other news I kicked a so-so book out of my life and was rewarded by finding another incredible read.


More of the same.


I had drippy eggs with salsa and breakfast potatoes for several days in a row and was very happy with my decision.

On the one day that I finally needed something different, I reached into the freezer for some leftover pad thai.


Monday: grilled cheese and tomato soup

Tuesday: leftover baked ziti

Wednesday: Sushi is very expensive, so when we're dropping everything to have it on a weeknight, you can rightly assume what report cards looked like this quarter;-)

Thursday: I played the "oops gotta work late, have fun figuring out dinner" card.  Hubs picked up a rotisserie chicken and made mac n' cheese.

Friday: Date night #1, so you already know that we went to the drive in hamburger place.

Saturday: Date night #2, takeout from the Lebanese place.  They always give us extra pitas which we usually end up throwing away, but hubs got inspired and suggested that he wouldn't mind grilling up some chicken to put in them.  So we made that the plan for Sunday.

Sunday: family dinner, and we found a very good use for the pitas!  Trying to recreate Lebanese food has always been more of a miss than a hit for me, but this time the Google gods sent me gold with Feel Good Foodie Shish Tawook.  You also know that both stepson #1 and I are in a weird place with chicken and both of us were practically shoving everyone else out of the way to get seconds.  Friends, this is good food, please, please, please treat yourself to this sometime.

And FYI we started it on the grill but ran out of gas so we finished it up in the air fryer.  By rights there should have been leftovers but there were none.


This is the second week in a row that we ate seven different meals on seven different nights!!!  This trend will most certainly not continue, but I had to point out that we're on a two week streak.


We hit up a classic this weekend.  It had been a long time since I'd seen The Lost Weekend.  If you're not familiar, it was the 1945 best picture/best actor/best director/best screenwriter sweep and it's about an alcoholic on a bender.  Instead of giving you the trailer here's a 4 minute video of everything that you could ever want to know:

It's a good movie, though I kinda have a gripe with the Abrupt Happy Ending (spoiler?).  We got it from the library.  Apologies in advance for this bit of tastelessness, but yes we were drinking margaritas while watching it, and it goes well with a buzz.


Another winner via the Sarah's Bookshelves podcastWhen the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain.  As soon as I heard her rave about this book, I knew that I was going to buy it.  Not wait 6 months to get it from the library, but pay out my hard earned cash to read it now.  And I can tell you that I adore it and am going to take my time with it.

But just as I was about to buy this book, another Best Seller came in at the library, so of course I put off getting this book to read that one.  The Best Seller started off well enough, but by the second night I couldn't keep the characters straight or tell where the story was going, but it seemed like the pages were turning fast so at first I thought I would just buckle down and stay with the Best Seller just so I could say that I'd read it...and then I found myself not wanting to read the next night so then and there I returned that sucker and got When the Stars Go Dark instead.  The moral of the story is that sticking with a book that you don't adore is just crowding the good books out of your life.


  1. Congrats on your 10-miler! Nearly a sub-2h, too!

    And congrats on the kids' report cards! I'm amazed that they like sushi to celebrate...I don't fancy sushi much and I'm an adult (sometimes).

    And another congrats on the 2nd week of different dinners every night! Hey, you're on a streak!

    And now I have to ask: what was the sucker Best Seller? I always find it hard to make the decision to stop reading a book, but you are absolutely right - life is too short for mediocre books.

  2. Lots of good eats!! Great idea saving the it’s for another meal. Have you ever tried to make pita chips? Not sure how that’s done...dehydration in the oven (?). Those are my latest snack obsession ...just saying :-)

  3. Ha ha, yes I'm also curious about the rejected book! I have such a hard time stopping a book in the middle- somehow I stubbornly plow on and on- but I agree. Life is too short to waste on bad books. I'm putting When the Stars Go Dark on my library hold list!
    Funny- sushi for dinner has always been the reward at our house for a good report card as well!

  4. Yum, lots of good eats last week I see! We picked up Key West chicken to grill and ready-made Brussels sprouts one night last week and they were ah·maz·ing.