Monday, May 3, 2021

Weekly Easts: Quickie


What do you do when you enjoy blogging about what you eat, watch, and read but you're in a busy phase at work?  You blog about it anyway!  Just quickly and in short format.

Best Eats Lately

We made more quiche!  I forgot to link the recipe that I used last time, so here it is now.

And I made another round of Feel Good Foodie Shish Tawook.



I'm loving the Certain Starting Place YouTube channel for its year-by-year Oscar Best Picture recaps.  I've seen a decent amount of of these movies but it's been a while for some of them.  The videos are short (4 to 10 minutes) and very well made with a ton of information.



Still happily working on When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain.  


Yikes, you know I'm busy since I skipped my weekly sweats post.  If anyone cares I ran 24 miles last week and got my strength workouts in.  My Garmin died shortly after this morning's run.  I took a bit of time to think about it, crunched numbers on the cheapest replacement option, and then splurged on a very fancy, higher-end replacement.  Part of the reason why I'm so busy right now is that it's raise and bonus season and I may or may not have gotten a peak at my numbers prior to making my decision;-)

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading my ramblings and I'll be back with way more info next week.  See I can write short posts when I want to!



  1. Yet again, I’m reminded of the lack of quiche in my life. I need to change that!! I’m eager to hear more about your new wrist candy :-)

  2. Haha, congrats on the new watch, Birchie! (and the raise, of course)
    Obviously you will have to tell us all about it when things have calmed down.
    Have a great week and don't work too hard!

  3. We had spinach and bacon quiche last week! I was out of swiss cheese, so i subbed in feta. It made for a very light and fluffy pie.

    I hope you make your numbers!!!

  4. Ooh, congrats on your bonus-preview and new watch! Can't wait to hear all about it. Based on your review, I've decided not to read Mexican Gothic and have placed a library hold on When the Stars Go Dark!

  5. Oh, quiche. I haven't made quiche in ages. Thanks for the recipe.