Monday, May 17, 2021

Weekly Eats: Things to Tell You


A weekly round up: eats, watches, reads, and life stuff.

Hi Friends,

Well, this week was quite the thing.  I have exactly two pictures of food from the week, so I can't tell you exactly what we ate except that we're still here so we must have eaten something.  I even had to recycle a picture of my stepson's birthday cake from a few years ago.  The notable events of this week were:

  • Family gatherings are back! We had a big ol' family dinner at my SIL's on Friday and had my parents over on Saturday to celebrate a certain stepson's birthday!  We were somewhat loosey-goosey with the rules on my husband's side of the family but super strict with keeping distant from my parents and now we don't have to do that anymore.
  • Everyone in my house has had at least one COVID shot!!!
  • Three out of the four members of my house are drivers!!!  Stepson #1 got his temps recently and drove us to my SIL's house on Friday.  He will be starting driver's ed soon in addition to his chauffeur duties driving us around town for short errands in my husband's car.  Once driver's ed is done, #1 will be driving MY car, which is stick shift.  About the only life requirement that I have for the boys is that they learn stick.  It's a necessary life skill.
  • If anyone cares I ran 28 miles this week, including a 10 miler this weekend.
  • Work is...well it's the thing that's really cramping my style.  The past few months have truly been the best of times and the worst of times.   The "best" part has been a major project that I've been wanting to work on for years, which will launch in early July.  The "worst" part is some nasty corporate stuff and a bad boss.  It's a no win situation and for a variety of reasons I'm pretty sure that I'm safe until the big project finishes and possibly even until the end of the year, so I poked the bear.  Specifically I used the word "no" in a conversation with my boss and then asked him if he needed me to repeat it.  He then scheduled a meeting with us and HIS BOSS...I was all set for a big confrontation but everyone was just as sweet as can be (with much corporate double talk so I'm not quite sure what was said except that they're going to leave me alone for a bit).  I'm taking full license to just work on the things that I want to work on and ignore the rest.  I shut down my computer at 5:00 on Friday and have not touched anything work related all weekend...what a nice change!  I like to work hard but I am horrified by the culture of overwork and want no part of it. 
  • P.S. there is a 0.00001% chance that anyone at work knows about my blog but just in case I've avoided saying much about the bad part of my work situation until now.  I feel that at this point the word is out so I can start speaking my mind in this space.  Things may work out with this job and they may not. I've been here for quite some time and the company and the job were really wonderful until recently.  So, work, THANK YOU for the good times and you need to do better.  Please let me know if you need me to repeat that.
  • My advice to you personally: do not use the phrase "do you need me to repeat that?" in a conversation with your boss BUT if your work situation is not working out then for the love of God start looking around!  There are so many companies out there who plan to stay remote which has thrown the job market wide open.  Instead of commute time it's more an issue of how time zones line up.  I'll be saying a lot more about that soon as well;-)  By dipping my toes into the job search waters I've brushed up on how to interview (it had been a long time so I was quite rusty) and tested out what key words to put on my LinkedIn profile and resume.  I've also learned that I can make as much or possibly a bit more than I make now, and that I can have a fancier title for the same responsibilities.  Assuming that my current job does not work out, I would have needed to do this anyway, and it feels good to have the kinks worked out and to know what I'm aiming for.  If I end up staying with my job, then there's no harm done by my "revenge cheating".
  • Enough about work!  Our latest family movie venture was Farmageddon.  Family meaning that the dog and stepson #2 watched it with us.  We were nervous about the "new" Shaun the Sheep movie but we needn't have been.  10/10 would recommend and FYI it's on Netflix.

  • In bookland I finished When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain. Sarah described it as "a unicorn book" and I agree 100%.  I took my time on the first half and then binged the 2nd half of the book in two nights.
  • I'm currently listening to A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost.  This is one of those books that "everyone" has read and "everyone" says is hilarious...and "everyone" is right!  I don't watch SNL and had no previous knowledge of Colin but I'm really enjoying the listen.

As always thanks for reading my ramblings.  How are you doing???


  1. I love Shaun the Sheep! Thanks for linking the trailer, it's hilarious! Need to watch it asap.

    Work: good for you for speaking up! There are a million other jobs out there, no need to put up with bad situations. Also, successful job-hunting gives you more negotiation power with your old job.
    Either way, you WIN! Go, girl!!

    1. Amen! Sticking with a bad job just keeps you from getting a good job. I hope you liked Farmaggedon.

  2. SO sorry for all the turmoil. UGH. I don't say much about my job (or much personal stuff, in general, for that matter) because I just don't know who's reading and who's not. I love most of my co-workers, but there are a couple that are really annoying (and, ahem, they're also runners LOL). Big hugs to you, and good luck with everything working out <3

    1. Exactly, you never know who's reading and it's always bad when someone finds out something from your blog instead of from you...but at this point work knows how I feel.

  3. I loved learning more about you in this blog post. Having a bad boss totally sucks. Even if you love the company and you enjoy what you do - and even your co-workers, a bad boss can make you hate it. I'm glad you spoke up for yourself. I once worked for a company for over six years and it was a wonderful experience until the last 6 months when my boss seemed to have a personality transplant. . . so I left. I hope that you enjoy the project and that your boss starts to treat you better.

    1. Agree, I don't think there is a fix a "bad boss" situation, although this one is more of a symptom than the problem. Since I truly can't do what they are asking me to do (and between you and me and everyone reading I'm really hoping to be out of there soon) I had nothing to lose by speaking my mind. It's a fun situation to be in;-)

  4. My job always gets in the way of my running.

    No one at work knows about my blog. Hey my family and friends do not even know. It's for my virtual running friends. They get me.

    Happy birthday to your stepson.

    May has a month for birthdays for me too.

    1. Oof I hear you. My job was so good for so long that I've forgotten what it's like to have a perpetual case of the Mondays. Apart from my family and a few friends I don't think that anyone knows about my blog?

  5. Good for you for standing up to your boss. It's not easy to do, but sometimes necessary.