Monday, June 7, 2021

Weekly Eats: Boucing Back


A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition I'm still employed, I made it through a summer long run, and I'm starting to think about cooking again.


I stepped it up on Sunday with an omelette.  Inside is Trader Joe's mushroom medley, feta, and some fresh garden basil (yes in spite of everything I managed to plant the garden).


The cupboard was mighty bare for lunches this week.  I alternated between raiding the kids' stash of Costco mini pizzas and making quesadillas (cheese and Trader Joe's fire roasted pepper and onion blend inside, quickie guac of avocado mashed with onion powder and salt).


Monday: it was a holiday, so we grilled up burgers.

Tuesday: hubs baked up some Costco orange chicken.

Wednesday: a mac n'cheese and nuggets night.

Thursday: a Chipotle night.  My go-to now is the veggie quesadilla (free guac!), which is pretty filling without being too much of a calorie hog.

I repurposed the sides into lunch the next day.  Yes it was a little skimpy but it worked.

Friday: Pizza.  Right after this stepson #1 headed out to the woods for a special boy scout camp and stepson #2 adjusted to life as an only child.

Saturday: burger night!

Sunday: yes I cooked something!  We've gotten away from the tradition of having tacos after boy scout camp weekends so it was time to bring it back. 

P.S. Whoop!  We have another meal of leftover tacos AND I meal prepped something for tomorrow night!!!  And also cooked something for my lunches next week. 


27 miles of running this week.  Summer is back and the heat was super fierce on long run day.  I decided to head out to a park with a shaded trail that I ran at once last summer.  Once I got there I remembered that there is another park up the road that I've always been meaning to check out so I kept going.  And whoop whoop the 2nd park had a path that leads to a new neighborhood so now I have yet another long run route.

I didn't know if I would be able to make the whole 9 miles since it was the hottest running day yet and the sun was coming down strong.  Taking breaks proved to be my friend.  I took my first break after mile 2, took a break every mile after that, and then finished with half mile breaks in mile 8, and quarter mile breaks in mile 9 except I skipped the final break.  I ended up drinking every drop of my 2 liters of water and I took a salt stick chew every two miles.  And geez, it wasn't that bad and I wasn't that slow.

P.S. my arm was not on fire, I was wearing a neon pink shirt.


A blast from the past with Gaslight. I'd seen it a million years ago but this video got it back on my radar and does a good job of capturing the mood and the gist (sorry not sorry that the 2nd half of the video talks about Double Indemnity...and yes that's hella good movie as well).

My review is: this movie is worth watching just for Ingrid Bergman, I would have been happy with way more of Joseph Cotten, Angela Lansbury is fun, and I can take or leave Charles Boyer.  I thought it was hysterical that the reviewer in the video says that he didn't realize that this movie was the origin of the term "gaslighting" and that he thought the title was a spoiler.  My take is that once the honeymoon is over it's pretty clear so even if you don't recognize the title you know where it's going.  I'd give it a content warning for the psychological abuse which is quite hard to watch but (spoiler!) the ending is very satisfying.  It's on Hoopla if you are interested.




First up: last week I shared that I was in the process of second interviews with a company that I like but the job sounded boring.  Well hold that phone because things livened up during the rest of the interviews and now they have my attention again.  This week is supposedly decision week for them (lol, it's only been a full month since our first conversation no hurry here folks).

And there's finally another player in the game!  A few weeks ago I talked to a company that sounded really, really good but they're in another state and they wanted an on-site person.  No harm no foul, at this point it's just nice to know that there are good companies out there.  BUT on Friday they came aknockin' that they haven't been able to find anyone local so I'll be talking to them this week as well.

Life at the zoo continues.  I'm over one week without talking to my boss since I hung up on him last week and that's a great improvement.  The company is in shock that one of my team members quit last week (due to miserable working conditions plus the strong likelihood of being laid off at the end of the year).  My workload continues to be insane but hopefully I'll be out of there soon.


  1. Oh, that out-of-state second option sounds promising. That would be so cool if you could work off-site for them and just go in on occasion. Would you be able to drive there or are we talking flights?
    I worked for a global bank, and it was the most normal thing to employ people who work in other countries and time zones. I used to have a boss who lived in Ireland and the other team (also based in Zurich) had a boss in Nashville.
    Keep us updated!

    Oh, and also very important: well done on your HOT long run! I can't believe you drank 2 litres of water in that time. Good that you had your hydrovest with you!

    1. Oh there's no going back to office life. The kind of work that I do is a little bit niche, so all of these companies are out of state. This company is in Boston and hey my niece is there as well so it would be really cool to make work trips and be able to see her.

    2. That sounds perfect, Birchie!

  2. Work really sounds stressful... hope things either improve or you’re able to make your exit. Congrats on the long (summer) run :-)

    1. Thank goodness for running! It makes the good times even better and it sure takes the edge of the tough times.

  3. I'm impressed that despite the werk situation and the heat you have found time to run and also cooked etc.

    Running in the heat feels so uncomfortable to me. I think taking frequent breaks in the shade is the way to go. I'm not familiar with salt sticks..i'll have to check that out.

    1. I know that some people love running in the heat, but my body just doesn't do that. The water plus SaltStick tabs seems to keep things at "just miserable" instead of "dizzy and disoriented" so that's a huge improvement.

  4. I like how you've combined your food, workouts, books, movies and life updates into one weekly post! My Weekly Rundown posts are getting so boring, now that I'm mostly pool running. How much can you really say about that?
    Sounds like you had a great long run in spite of the heat! Hopefully they'll get easier as the summer goes on.
    And, it seems like you have some (hopeful) job options! Fingers crossed that something works out, soon.

    1. When I first started writing these posts I would literally just write one sentence about my workouts. Over time I started to get blabby and I "met" Kim so that's when I split the workouts off from the food posts. I feel like once my job situation changes I'll start getting blabby again.

      I think that some of the best running posts are written when people are injured. Jenn at Pug Runner comes to mind - she wrote some really excellent and real stuff when she broke her leg and now it's so much fun to see her racking up the miles again. You will be back soon!

      You would laugh at my "heat" - low 70's!

  5. Nice job on your long run in that heat and humidity. It's tough out there this time of the year. It is always interesting to see what others eat in a week!

  6. Sounds like your current work situation is super stressful. I hope one of the promising possibilities pans out and it all works itself out in a great way.

  7. Nice job on getting 9 mile done in the heat. I bailed on my last one when it was tooo hooot.

    I have have to go back to the office in July...I am so not wanting to. I love working remotely.

  8. Mmh, now I crave orange chicken.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for your job search!