Monday, October 18, 2021

Weekly Round Up: Buffaloed


A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition I made buffalo tofu for the first time, really kicked my strength training up, saw another one of the AFI top 100 movies, and listened to an incredible audio book.


The most interesting thing I made this week was buffalo tofu for lunches.  I love buffalo sauce and I love tofu and I'd been meaning to make something like this forever and finally got around to it.  My recipe alterations were using dairy milk, white flour, and I cooked it up in the air fryer.  The breading wasn't crispy but it was very good and I would definitely make this again.  I ate it in wraps with lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese dressing for lunches last week and even squirreled a few servings away in the freezer.

We had Trader Joe's mahi mahi burgers for dinner one night and my takeaway is that we need to have burgers on weeknights more often.

And finally, with the weather turning colder I made a batch of Shepherd's Pie for dinner last night.


I survived/thrived on another week with three early morning treadmill runs.  Two 3 milers and one 4 miler FTW.  For my outside running I had one day of bonkers heat/humidity that I barely crawled through, and then it finally cooled off for Saturday and I got my first six-mile run of the month.  I could have gone further but I was pretty sore from strength training so I kept it on the short side.

Why was I so sore from strength?  We had a family functional fitness project to tackle.  Our garden shed was starting to fall down so my husband and the boys demolished it last weekend and this week we rented a dumpster and hauled all of the pieces into it.  The hardest part was hauling cinder blocks from the backyard to the dumpster.  When it comes to eating elephants, I prefer to take a few bites at a time and my husband prefers to dig in and get it done, so our styles blended well.  During the week I took a few "cinder breaks" to start hauling the blocks and then I put my feet up this weekend while the fellas finished the job.  Pro tip: if you have trouble sleeping go out and haul about 10 cinder blocks from your backyard to your front yard and you will sleep like a baby.


Oh my goodness a ton of stuff.  First of all, with the treadmill being back in my life, I need Treadmill TV again.  I had started watching the 1980s Miss Marple show back in September and only had a few episodes left.  I was surprised how well it paired with the treadmill.  

My couch TV watching was all over the place this week.

First up: The Way Down documentary.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I read The Weigh Down Diet back in the 90's and liked it at the time, but took a pass when her second book came out, which was a lot less "God loves you" and a lot more hellfire and brimstone.  I'd heard some weird things about her from time to time but didn't know the half of it.  Three episodes are out now and more are on the way.


Next up I knocked back another AFI top 100. Do The Right Thing was on my list of movies that I hadn't seen but wanted to see and now joins the list of "I agree that it's great but I don't have the special feels".

I didn't know anything about this movie going in apart from Sal's Pizzeria is a frequent crossword answer and seeing the trailer, which I think is the perfect background so I won't say much more about it here.  Except that it's very sad that this 30 year old movie is not dated at all and very topical.

And finally, for family movie night we were inspired by Shakespeare.  Stepson #1 is reading Hamlet for school and his teacher included reviews of the many movie adaptations including Strange Brew.

My review is that I am terribly disappointed that I didn't know about this movie in the 80's and that it's held up surprisingly well.


I heard an incredible audio book this week that I learned about from the Sarah's Bookshelf podcast.  Nowhere Girl is a memoir about a woman whose parents were global fugitives and constantly on the run.  Super nutty and super fascinating.

Up Next

Um, I'm running a half marathon this weekend.  Based on how I felt on the six miler, my goal is to run the first 8 miles and run/walk the rest.  Here goes nothing.



  1. Yay for shepherd's pie!! Ok, it's not the most photogenic food, but one of my all time favourites!
    Love your cinder block challenge - sounds like a good fit for the annual Crossfit games. :-)
    Thanks for the read and watch recommendations. I'm into "Bad Sports" on Netflix, a documentary about cheating and lying in sports, fixed matches and all that.
    And I finished "Guest List" by Lucy Foley. A nice thriller to read before going to bed. The plot unfolds through the voices of the individual characters, which means that the writing style changes as well.
    All the best with the half marathon, Birchie! Aim for running 10 miles. You can do it!

  2. How fun that you have a half marathon coming up this weekend! It sounds like you have a good plan for tackling it. Have fun!

    Your tofu Buffalo chicken wrap looks delicious! I haven't made tofu in a long time. I need to change that soon!

  3. he burger looks delicious.
    You made a very good job running 3 times on the treadmill.
    Long time ago It helped me to recover after a fracture but later I didn't use it anymore, I prefer to run outdoor even if it's raining.
    Good luck on the half this week end.

  4. Ah, the buffalo tofu looks so delicious!!! I'm going to have to try this.
    Fingers crossed that you have good weather for your half! I hope you enjoy it. Yeah, your mileage is a little low but you got some good runs in this week- you'll be fine!

  5. Not a tofu fan, but you had me at buffalo :-) I agree, we all need more burger nights! Best of luck on your 13.1!!!

  6. We love Trader Joe's mahi-mahi burgers (although we haven never eaten them as real burgers (usually we just grilled the patties with a side of veggies or salad). TJ's has great burgers. We also love the turkey burgers.

  7. "Pro tip: if you have trouble sleeping go out and haul about 10 cinder blocks from your backyard to your front yard and you will sleep like a baby." I might just add this to my workout regime! Seems like exactly the kind of workout that would put me right to bed!