Monday, March 14, 2022

Weekly Round Up: Seaweed and Snowstorms


A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  In this week's adventures stepson #1 and I have a new favorite snack, I got one over on the weather and got my long run done before a snowstorm, and I have an incredible TV show and an incredible book recommendation.


I made another trip to Trader Joe's and on a whim I picked up some seaweed snacks for stepson #1.  I knew that he would like them though I did question the wisdom of buying a 30 calorie snack for a teenage boy.  For my part, I like seaweed when it's wrapped around sushi, but I've had other seaweed snacks and found them to be overrated.  Well, this stuff is not overrated at all and stepson #1 and I blew through the six pack in no time.  I'm hoping that Costco has a version of this and for once we'll welcome the bulk sizing.

The seaweed is great on its own, but I also did a quickie riff on an NYT recipe for lunch one day - leftover rice mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, sambal oelek, and topped with seaweed, some crispy onions, and two drippy eggs.

Also noteworthy is that somehow it had been a long time since we'd had steak for dinner.  This simple flank steak and mashed potatoes meal was a big hit with the entire family.


One week closer to my next half marathon and 26.8 miles in the bank.

Monday: off (I did my Monday run on Sunday to take advantage of the weather).

Tuesday: 4 miles treadmill

Wednesday: 4 miles treadmill

Thursday: yay, just enough daylight for 4.25 miles before work

Friday: with awful weather on tap for the weekend, I knew that my long run had to be now or not at all. 8.25 miles and there's nothing better than getting the long run done before the weekend.

Saturday: yikes thank goodness I got my long run the day before because the weather was way worse than expected.  I bundled up on the couch, watched the snow fly, and felt very smug for have gotten it done the day before.

Sunday: I wanted to get some more miles, but the weather was not cooperating.  I didn't want to run on the treadmill but once I got there my body was happy with being inside and I found myself getting 6.3 miles with ease.

My long run felt decent and I feel like I can ramp it up to 9 miles next week.  There aren't that many long runs left between me and the race.  I'm still slow as molasses but I'm moving so hopefully at some point I'll get an uptick in the speed department


🚨🚨🚨Good TV Show Alert🚨🚨🚨Good TV Show Alert🚨🚨🚨Good TV Show Alert🚨🚨🚨

Who knew that Israeli TV is where it's at?  I was poking around the internets looking for a good show and turned up Fauda on Netflix. It's about a team of Israeli agents who are chasing after a Hamas leader who in return is going after them.  It's not something that I would have imagined I would have had the least interest in, but I got hooked in right away.  The key is that it rides the fine line of being suspenseful without being overly frightening.  I'm about halfway through season 1 and trying to decide whether to binge it or savor it.


🚨🚨🚨Good Book Alert🚨🚨🚨Good Book Alert🚨🚨🚨Good Book Alert🚨🚨🚨

Last week I told you that I walked away from on The Nothing Man since it was getting a tad disturbing but I was considering giving it another try after reading Stephany's review...well thank goodness I did because WOW.  I did have to skim a bit in the first half of the book (what I can I say, I just don't enjoy home invasion serial killings) but it was so worth it.

I'm almost done with my reread of Eleanor Oliphant, and thumbs up there as well.  I had forgotten almost all of the story and I've enjoyed the revisit.


It helped to write it all down.  I had another interview with Player 2 today, which was fine but not "OMG I want this soooo bad" so it's trending toward a no for me.


  1. I do that too! I try to get my long runs done in the week - it feels so good to have to have more time for other things on the weekend (or just to sleep in!)
    Thanks for the Netflix recommendation! You are right, it's not something I would have looked for but I'm glad you checked it out and give it a thumbs up.
    It seems that you've made your decision on Player 2, which is good. I'm sure that exciting new players will pop up soon.

    1. Getting the long run done during the week is the best! I did it for a bit in the summer of 2020 when there was enough light in the mornings to get it done before work. I should be able to do that again later this spring.

  2. Maybe I'll pick up The Nothing Man - after two good reviews!
    That sounds like a good week for running. I am ITCHING to get outside, but still too icy for my liking.

    1. The ice is a real buzzkill. It doesn't even have to be that cold for things to get slippery. I hope things thaw out soon!

  3. It has been creeping into the 50s here, so I'm determined to run outside this week. I don't know exactly when that's going to happen, but Thursday or Friday are pretty good bets. I'll be thinking of you when I finally do it!

  4. Yes, Costco does sell seaweed/nori packs.
    It is really starting to warm up this week; there is still some ice to avoid but it will soon be time to start running again. I'm a mix of happy and also dreading the experience just a bit. Once I start...I won't have an excuse anymore. I do love running, but since I've taken all winter off I'm expecting it to be a rough start!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, this comment went to spam and I just found it now a month sorry for the delay in publishing & answering! I hope that your weather is cooperating and that running is going well.

  5. I love that smug feeling of getting the long run done a day early ;-) Back in 2019, I did my 18-mile run (for MCM) on a Friday morning, then we road-tripped to Ann Arbor for the Iowa-Michigan football game. I admit I did feel a bit of smugness in knowing I'd gotten all that business done a day prior, LOL

    1. High 5, that must have been the best feeling in the world. Though how was the car ride right after the long run? That part sounds a bit rough.

  6. That must have been the best Saturday ever! Sitting inside during a snowstorm, knowing your long run was done- perfect. You had a great week of running.
    Alright, I'll see if I can get The Nothing Man from our library! I'll trust you guys.

    1. Yes to The Nothing Man and while you're at it, you might just as well go ahead and put the hold in for her latest, 56 Days. So far it's a winner.