Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekly Eats: Mon Feb 26 to Sun Mar 4

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  Weight loss update edition.
Weekday Breakfasts
Breakfast Burritos
Omelet with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and cheese and toast
Avocado toast
Cereal bar with fruit and string cheese

Weekend Breakfasts
Annual school pancake breakfast
Avocado toast and bacon (this was the same avocado that I made guac with last Saturday, so this is a personal best for avocado usage at 8 days.  Here's how I make avocados last).

Weekday Lunches
M,T&H: Sweet Potato Enchiladas

W: Baked Ziti

F: Korean Noodle Stir Fry

Weekend Lunches
The last serving of stir fry

Weekday Dinners
Monday (family meal): Baked ziti leftovers from Sunday.  Thumbs up from stepson #1, less enthusiasm from stepson #2.  He's OK with veggies as long as they're on their own but gets suspicious when they're mixed in with other things.

Tuesday (family meal): baked ziti for adults, quesadillas for kids.

Wednesday (date night): hit it out of the park with Korean Noodle Stir Fry with via Gimme Some Oven.  I had previously ordered glass noodles on Amazon and did all of the veggie chopping/steak marinating the night before.

Nine times out of ten I use linguine for stir fries because I just don't feel that it's worth the trouble to shop for and stock a more authentic Asian noodle.  Well, glass noodles, you have won my heart and you will be staying around.  They were good fresh but even better in the leftovers.

With that said, the two things that I will do differently next time is to break up the noodles before cooking (they were way long) and to store the noodles and meat/veggies separately.  With everything mixed together it was tough to get the goodies out of the endless strands of noodles.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): hubs steered clear of the leftover stir fry due to the mile long noodles, and for the life of me I can't remember what he had.  I  chomped down on the stir fry.

Friday (family meal): well, it was a rushed family meal due to a scout meet but we ate in the same place at the same time and walked stepdog afterwards, so I'm calling it a family meal.  Mac n'cheese and nuggets for the kids, baked ziti for him, stir fry for me.

Weekend Dinners
Saturday (family birthday party at sister-in-law #3's house), wine, pizza, and cupcakes.

Sunday (family meal): Souvlaki. An old family recipe and one of the quickest meals to make.

Meal Prep
Minimal this week.  Expect to see a rotation of enchiladas and baked ziti for next week's lunches, and souvlaki for dinners.

Workouts: still the usual running, walking, and lifting, but with another usual result:
Another treadmill PR yesterday!  That works out to a 10:33 pace.  To catch you all up, I've been a 12 minute miler forever, and started doing one speed workout a week last fall.  In January, I was getting around an 11:10 pace, and in Feb I've made increases every week.  My mile M.O. now is to alternate 5.5 and 6.0 quarter miles.  Right now I'm doing all of my running on the treadmill, so the big question is how what will my speed be once I start running outside again?

Watching (from the treadmill): A Place to Call Home

Watching (from the couch): well, we were misinformed about season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead.  It's out on TV this week, but a long way from Netflix.  We'll either wait until all the episodes are out so we can binge it on the Starz app, or just wait until it comes to Netflix (we don't have cable, we have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the library, and occasionally we'll get a membership to other apps or buy episodes if we're really interested in something).  In its place, we started on season 2 of Con Man.  On my own, I watched Citizen Kane, which I don't think I've seen as an adult.  You know what?  Not a fan.  It just left me cold.  Tonight with the kids we're watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Stepson #1 just read the book.

New Year's Resolution/Goals Update
See here (way at the end of the post) for my resolutions and here for the January update. 
  • Sleep: way better, I still listen to the meditation podcasts early in the week (Sun, Mon, Tues, to smooth out the shift from the weekend lazies to the workweeks frenzies), by mid week I can drop off to sleep without them.
  • Standing desk: for the most part, I do 30 min standing/30 min sitting throughout the day.  Feeling good.
  • Pushups: still doin' em, and they're still hard.  Stronger than I was in January, which was stronger than I was in December.
  • Weight loss: still yes.  My goal was to lose 3# in February and I'm more than happy to settle for the 2.6# that I actually got.  If you're wondering why I do monthly updates on weight loss instead of weekly updates, it's because there's nothing much to talk about from week to week.  Real life weight loss is slooow.  The very second that I clicked "publish" on the January update, I lost another pound...and then the scale didn't budge for another two weeks. 
  • March goal: keep doing all of the above, weight goal is 135.  I'm picking another small goal because March is going to be a short month due to spring break. I'll report on the month's progress on March 25th and take the week of March 26th off since shenanigans have been planned. 
 Your Turn
  • Whatcha cooking this week?
  • What are you reading and watching?
  • New Year's resolution updates?

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