Sunday, December 23, 2018

Weekly Eats: Monday December 17 to Sunday December 23

A weekly round up: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  Pre-Christmas Edition
From my kitchen to yours: Merry Christmas!  Christmas decorating done, shopping done, wrapping done, and baking underway.

Monday & Friday: cereal bar and string cheese
Tuesday & Thursday: breakfast burritos
Wednesday: drippy egg & toast
Saturday: avocado scramble
Sunday: very late brunch of my stepsons' leftover pizza (they are at their mom's house for a few days so they weren't going to eat it).  No shame.

Monday: spinach artichoke pasta 
Tuesday: salmon bowl
Wednesday: Chrissy Teigan's Actual Drunken Noodles
Thursday: salad with tofu from work catering
Friday: fancy work Christmas lunch at The Captial Grille.  The four of us at our table before dessert: "oh, I'm not hungry.  I'm not going to have any".  Our table after a dessert platter including a slice of their flourless decaf espresso cake was set down in front of us: "hmm, I think I'll try a bite of that."  Our table 2 seconds after tasting the cake: a collective moan and then a mad rush of forks coming in to get every last bite.  As soon as we get our Christmas goodies eaten I will be making this.
Saturday: skipped it, unless you're counting my protein recovery drink after my run.  Bad planning.
Sunday: see brunch above

Monday (family meal): leftover lasagna from last Friday.

Tuesday (family meal): steps  had lasagna, hubs and I raided the freezer for burritos.  Chicken for him, veggie for me.

Wednesday (date night): flat iron steak on the grill.

Thursday & Friday (fend for yourself nights): ad hoc steak tacos.

Saturday (date night): Pasta with Budget Bytes Weeknight Pasta Sauce.  What's good for the weeknight is good for the weekend;-)

Sunday (empty nest night): leftover pasta.  The steps are spending an extra night with their mom for Christmas and we just don't know what to do with ourselves.  The house is so quiet. 

Meal Prep

We have supplies laid in for Christmas day and there's some serious baking going down today.  All other meals are catch as catch can until after the holiday.

Another 28 miles in the books.
Monday: weights and another PR for a 3 mile treadmill run of 30:36
Tuesday: 6 mile treadmill run
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 6 mile treadmill run
Friday: weights and 3 mile treadmill run with a few hills and a little speed.
Saturday: my first ever sub 2 hour 10 mile outdoor run.  I was really pleased since the 2nd half of the run included a walk break for water and a gel (I'm experimenting with hydrating/nutrition for longer runs) and had some uphill stretches.

Sunday: off
Upcoming running plans: starting January 2, our treadmill will be collecting some dust while I do the Strava Lululemon 40/80 challenge!  I'm hoping to run the full 80km (50 miles).  As you all know, I'm not a fan of running in the dark or on ice, so my game plan is to run 2 miles each morning right after the sun comes up/before work and then 2 miles at lunch.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a longer run or two in on the weekends.  Fingers crossed that the weather allows this.  I'm hoping that the shorter runs will give me a chance to close the gap between my outdoor and indoor running speeds.

(from the treadmill): How to Get Away with Murder for lifting (almost done with season 4)/The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for running.
(from the couch): Hubs and I are watching Patriot on Amazon.  On my own, I knocked back some Married at First Sight and started The Haunting of Hill House.  I really like the actors and I'm into the story but at the same time I'm finding it a little stressful to watch so I'll be taking this one slow.

Transcription by Kate Atkinson

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