Sunday, December 2, 2018

Weekly Eats: Monday November 26 to Sunday December 2

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches and reads.  Steak & surgery edition.

This week we did a lot of grilling, celebrated a very special birthday, and my husband went under the knife.  He's been battling plantar fasciitis for a while.  Things that didn't help: orthopedic inserts and a boot.  Things that helped up to a point: physical therapy, taping, and cortisone shots.  It was time for the last resort and he had Tenex FAST.

BTW, this podcast was the single best resource I found on understanding PF.

Monday: protein smoothie
Tuesday & Thursday: breakfast burritos
Wednesday: breakfast at work
Friday & Sunday: homemade Egg McMuffin with bacon
Saturday: breakfast quesadilla

It was salad week for sure. The lettuce and veggies are from our work lunch catering
Monday: tofu from catering
Tues & Thurs: leftover grilled chicken from Sunday with Bolthouse Farms Caesar dressing
Wed: tempeh from catering
Friday: unpictured post surgery Chipotle on the couch with my boo.
Saturday: unpictured bowl of Lucky Charms on the couch with my boo.
Sunday: unpictured grocery store sushi with my boo and the steps.

Monday (family meal): BBQ chicken leftover sides from Sunday: last of Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole for me, mashed potatoes for hubs, and pasta for kids.

Tuesday (family meal for everyone but me): I got caught in traffic and got home past dinner time.  I tucked into a veggie burrito to console myself.

Wednesday (date night birthday edition): it was the closest date night to my beloved's birthday.  With the work week and his upcoming surgery, he definitely got gypped on a party, but at least he got steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli.  Shout out to Budget Bytes for her amazing discovery that frozen broccoli can be roasted, and shout out to Costco for having the best ever frozen broccoli.  I just spritz it with a little olive oil and seasoned salt and it is genius.

Thursday (fend for yourself night): here's the thing about salmon.  I like it, it's easy to cook, it's good for me yada yada in other words I have good intentions but rarely get around to eating it.
I'd had my eye on Skinny Taste's Seattle Asian salmon bowl and had a vague idea that I had wasabi somewhere at home.  Well, I didn't and I also didn't have most of the ingredients but that didn't stop the idea.  I made up the dressing with sriracha in place of the wasabi, and grabbed some rice and broccoli out of the freezer.  It wasn't bad at all and it will be even better when I get the proper ingredients and make it for real.

Friday (crazy train): give my husband props for resting for a few hours after his surgery.  The boys had boy scout camp this weekend, so we packed them up and grabbed a pizza in there somewhere.

Saturday: annual family dinner at boy scout camp.  Stepson #2 was on kitchen duty.  Ham, mashed potatoes, and veggies.

Sunday (family meal): ha ha.  We got taco fixings and then remembered that we had a kid event late in the afternoon. Which ended up lasting until after 8.  Which was bad for dinner but great for stepson #1 since he did something amazing.  We hit up his favorite pizza place as a reward.

Meal Prep
Ha ha.  I planned and went to the store for:
And we had a late event tonight and will have another late event tomorrow so...leftover pizza and mac and cheese are in the forecast.

When I first started looking at my half marathon training plan, I was puzzled that week 4 cut back on mileage.  Now that I'm here, I was more than ready to take it easy.

Monday: weights and 3 mile treadmill run
Tuesday: 4 mile treadmill run
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5 mile treadmill run
Friday: weights and 3 mile treadmill run 
Saturday: I had planned to run 8 miles, but we had some errands to run first thing and the longer the morning went on, the less and less I felt like running.  I traded my outdoor run in for 3 miles of incline treadmill walking and regret nothing.
Sunday: off
A few fitness blogs that I follow have recently tackled the topic of when it's time to skip a workout.  Here's how I do things:
  • 10% of the time I jump out of bed absolutely ecstatic that I get to work out.
  • 40% of the time I'm on autopilot and end up on the treadmill because that's just what I do first thing in the morning.  
  • 49% of the time I work out because I'm supposed to/I know that I'll feel better if I work out than if I don't/I'm already awake and I don't have any other plans at 6AM.  
  • 1% of the time I skip my workouts with a clear conscience, either because I'm sick/have a scheduling conflict/just don't feel like it.
(from the treadmill): How to Get Away with Murder, Wanted.
(from the couch): hubs and I finished Ozark.  He's been rewatching Coupling on Amazon Prime and if I'm around I'll get sucked in.

Jane Steele.  It took me just a  minute to get into it and now I'm hooked.

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