Monday, December 21, 2020

Weekly Eats: The Omelette Crush

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads.  

Breakfasts and Lunches

See above, my crush on mushroom, bell pepper, onion, and feta omelettes with hashbrowns is still going strong.  This was a frequent meal for both breakfasts and lunches this week.

But a girl can't live on omelettes alone, so today I made something totally new with leftovers for lunches next week.  This is a very loose riff on the New York Times's Baked Tofu with Peanut Sauce.  And when I say loose...air fried tofu and I kept the sauce on the side instead of baking it into the tofu, soy sauce in place of miso and fish sauce, sambal olek in place of habanero, no coconut milk in the rice (I can't taste it so I don't bother), and oh yes a big handful of Costco stir fry veggies in place of the recipe veggies.  The recipe made a ton of sauce (not a complaint) so I'll be making more tofu and rice as needed.


Monday: we had enough leftover beef brisket to feed three people, so I gave it to the guys and had a chicken sausage.

 Tuesday: due to a shortage of ideas/lack of leftovers, I played the mac n'cheese card.

Wednesday: fend for yourself night.  I found a "too much for one/not enough for two" portion of leftover baked ziti in the freezer and had half of it with some Caesar salad on the side to stretch it out.  I did a repeat with the leftovers the next day for lunch.

Thursday: dinner for two, leftover style.  I craftily made a big batch of tempeh sofritas during the day, so I tucked them into a burrito with some refried beans for a quick dinner.  Hubs had a chicken burrito.  Later in the weekend I finally got everything wrapped up into burritos so I have a good freezer supply again.

Friday: date night out to our favorite restaurant...the drive in hamburger place.  Gotta love it when you can go out to dinner wearing slippers.

Saturday: my work gave us gift certificates to GrubHub, which is very popular in the big city where my company's headquarters is and much less so out here in suburbia.  As luck would have it, the closest place was our favorite Irish pub, so we loaded up with Shepherd's Pie for hubs and a boxty for me.  I wanted to get the gift certificate used up (most our of restaurants are five minutes away/already have online ordering) so we got an extra serving of Shepherd's Pie to keep in the freezer.  The pub is about 15 minutes away so it's not somewhere we've thought to go before for pandemic takeout.

Sunday: chicken fajitas!  An old favorite that we haven't had in a while.  I tripled the recipe for leftover purposes.


I am very sad to say that we finished What We Do In the Shadows.  Season 3 comes out next April.

For my own viewing, I'm still plugging away on the Crown and I'm a few episodes in to season 3.  It's not fair for me to harp on how boring this show is since no one is forcing me to watch, so instead I will tell you about the puzzle that I did while watching it.

The final 100 of 1,000 pieces of this puzzle are all the same shape and the same shade of brown, so the only way to solve it is to try each piece in each place one by one...can I just say that I would not have finished this puzzle without the Crown or gotten as far in the Crown without this puzzle.

I usually get jigsaw puzzles for Christmas, so if Santa is good to me I will watch more of the Crown.  The actors are great but honestly you'd be better served by watching documentaries of the real thing.


The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James.


  1. Nice of your company to hand out GrubHub gift vouchers!
    Love the puzzle'n'Crown evenings! I think a challenging jigsaw and a boring show are a great combo. That's a detail from a Dali painting, right?
    I think I need a puzzle too. I have started "Tiny Pretty Things"... oh dear. It's a ballet drama. Take out the quota-seeking sex scenes and it would be a teen drama. Maybe the story was good on paper, but it is awfully executed in the series. The only thing I enjoy are the dancing scenes.
    Maybe I'll find something new this week!

  2. Every time I read your food posts, I want to move into your house. My meals are not picture worthy.

    I'm only person not to have watched the Crown - it's on my list. Just finished Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias.

  3. Oh, omelettes. I haven't had an omelette in forever!
    That puzzle is really cool.