Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekly Eats: 101 Days

A weekly round up: eats, watches, and reads. Vaccine Edition.

Please disregard yesterday's post where I said I was getting the vaccine tomorrow...I got it today!!!  The vaccine floodgates in our state are wide open and flowing.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received emergency approval in the U.S. on Dec 11, 2020.  101 days later on March 22, 2021, someone shot a needle full of it into my arm.  In 35 days I'll be able to hug my parents (21 more days to shot #2 plus 14 days after that for maximum immunity).  That's just spectacular.

FWIW, in my part of the world the state's vaccine finder and all of the local health departments and pharmacies are very confusing to navigate.  Surprisingly Facebook has been a stellar source of information.  Just about every group that I'm in has people posting where they got their appointments and following those leads is the reason why there is a band-aid on my arm right now.

And also FWIW I felt a very mild burning sensation in my arm about half an hour after the shot that lasted for a few hours and then went away.  Right now I have a little soreness at the injection site and mild fatigue/brain fog that I assume is from the shot but spring allergies could also be a factor.  The biggest side effect that I'm experiencing is the need to tell everyone that I got the shot;-)

But we're here to talk about food so let's get to it!  I'd like to start by telling you about the beer situation in our house.

The kids are on the hugest root beer kick lately, and they are very delighted to pull out their 7.5 oz cans and "crack open a beer".  As for the over-21 crowd in my house, our go-to lately has been Space Station Middle Finger, a name that is equally appreciated by all ages in our house and at the same maturity level. 


Same old same old.


Barbacoa bowls were the star of the week.  Barbacoa, rice, roasted sweet potatoes, cole slaw mix, guac, and a few fritos for crunch.



Monday: we were in a bind to figure out how to make 3 servings of leftover Shepherd's Pie feed 4 people.  We made the kids mac n'cheese and hot dogs and the adults tucked into the Pie.

Tuesday: the kids finished the mac n'cheese (with nuggets this time), hubs had the final serving of Shepherd's Pie, and I went the chicken sausage route (pro tip: we pretty much always have leftover rice in the freezer, which means just a minute to get a meal like this on the table).

Wednesday: Chef Hubs treated us to ravioli and garlic bread.

Thursday: the steps had dinner with their mom, and hubs was craving Chipotle.  I mixed it up by getting a quesadilla, and I'm a fan.  The serving size was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Friday: mandatory pizza night

Saturday: mandatory burger night.

Sunday: Two Peas and a Their Pod Steak Kabobs.  It's been way too long since we had this.  I used an equal ratio of steak and mushrooms to capitalize on the boys' current shroom obsession.


Will someone please make my day and tell me that I'm not the only one who remembers Nuns on the Run?

It was quite the hit with everyone I knew back in 1990 (freshman year of high school, thank you very much) and at the time I remember there was a big stink when Roger Ebert panned it ("it's funny only if you find nuns funny").  A few weeks ago we we saw another movie that Ebert panned and for some reason the memory of this movie came bubbling back up so that's why we watched it this weekend.  No you won't find it anywhere streaming, this one was a library DVD, and come to think of it, it's pretty amazing that the movie was still enough of a thing to make it on to DVD.  Look, it's not Citizen Kane so I wouldn't drop everything and run out to get it, but it's amusing.

My issue with this movie: wow how many times did I see this back in high school?  I didn't member much of the story but thirty one years later I remembered every line of dialogue, which was a little jarring.

Stepson #1's issue with this movie: he was into it at the beginning when the gangsters were making their plot to escape from gangdom, but was hugely disappointed when he learned that "Nuns on the Run" was "Two Dudes Pretending to be Nuns on the Run" and checked out at that point.


When I was trying to come up with book/move combos for this post, I'm not sure what popped Girl on the Train back onto my radar, but I had a craving so I went for a reread and enjoyed it very much.  Next up: I'll rewatch the movie.


  1. Congratulations on getting the vaccine! It must be a wonderful feeling of relief.

    My parents are getting theirs today in Zurich. Europe is hopelessly lagging behind, they don't have enough vaccine to go around. The non-risk age groups will only be due my June or July. But rather late than never!

    And sorry - I have never seen "Nuns on the Run", haha! I'll need to check it out.

    1. Yay for your parents. The vax went from being really scare around here to open to everyone within a few days, so I hope it will be the same for you.

      GOOD LUCK on your race this weekend!!!

  2. Okay, don't hate me, but I have not seen Nuns on the Run. I shamefully admit to never having heard of it LOL (not sure how big that rock was that I was hiding under...). All the Barkley chatter today has me ready for some popcorn & cueing up Netflix.

    1. I would be more shocked if someone said "I totally remember that movie like it was yesterday"...I think it's just a random funny movie that I happened to see a million times in high school.

  3. Yay for the vaccine! I get my first dose next Tuesday! And it was no small feat getting it scheduled... we had to cash in a favor from someone who owns a pharmacy.
    Haven't seen (or heard of) Nuns On the Run, but is that Eric Idle's face peeking out of the habit? I graduated high school in 1984 so it was after my time- but there are plenty of weird, obscure movies from the 80s that I could quote line for line, so I get it!

    1. Oh yes it is none other than Eric Idle and a very young Robbie Coltrane. Congrats on getting your vax appointment! At this time last week I had no idea when I would ever get it and now the first shot is in my arm.

  4. Hooray for the vaccine!!! My son got his last week and my hubs got #1 yesterday. My sister got one too. YAY!!!

  5. Hooray for the vaccine, that is awesome! It is still a cluster here in IL. People are wheeling and dealing and crossing the border to get it. It's nuts. Not sure what we'll do on that front. I runfess I've not heard of Nuns on the Run.