Monday, March 8, 2021

Weekly Eats: Lasagna is the gift that keeps on giving


A weekly roundup: eats, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition, we lived high and mighty off of lasagna leftovers, I brought back an old favorite recipe that I haven't made in a long time, the future of American cheese is strong, and I watched a movie on my "I am never ever going to watch this list".


I'm crushing hard on homemade Egg McMuffins and on hub's waffles on Saturday.



I picked up Costco's shrimp ramen for grins.  It's alright, just awkward to eat with so many shapes and sizes in the bowl.

 Leftover ravioli from last week.

And hey, veggie burritos are back on the scene!


Monday and Tuesday: well that was easy!  We feasted off of leftover lasagna.  I would like at some point to, you know, figure out a way to get off our "eat the exact same thing three days in a row every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday" schedule but there was something extra good about this particular lasagna.

Wednesday: well that was even easier!  The boys had dinner with their mom and hubs and I got Chipotle.

Thursday: hubs was on dinner duty and made my favorite family dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

Sometime last year we stopped buying American cheese in favor of cheddar cheese slices, and I'm sure that we've had cheddar grilled cheese before, but for some reason the kids singled this meal out and said that the cheese was "weird".  You may have heard that millennials won't eat American cheese but not to worry because Gen Z is bringing it back.

Friday: mandatory pizza night

Saturday: mandatory hamburger night


Sunday: here's a goodie that I haven't made in forever...beef and bean burritos with cilantro lime rice!  I doubled the burrito filling so that we will have plenty of leftovers.  This is another sorry-not-sorry that we will be eating this for days.



I hope I don't come across as crotchety, but there are a handful of movies that I have never seen and don't plan to ever see.  For example, you know I'm a big time old movie buff, but I have never ever seen The Wizard of Oz.  I think the root cause of my aversion is that I was afraid of dogs when I was a kid and just couldn't get down with Toto.  As an adult I've heard too many stories about what Judy Garland had to go through to make the movie and I always feel like MGM was trying to hard for their big spectacles.

Groundhog Day is another example, or at least it was until Saturday.  Early 90's isn't my scene and the premise of living the same day over and over wasn't appealing to me before the pandemic and is less so now.  But the hubs wanted to rewatch it so I tagged along.


Verdict: meh.  I didn't hate it, but I don't have the feels for it.  I don't feel like it translates well to current times.  My favorite part was when he figured out how to work the system so that he could take piano lessons...I would totally do that if I was stuck in a time loop.

My TV watching plans for next week are: none!  With my busier schedule the house is starting to get a bit messy so I'm going to knock that out along with some spring cleaning.  FYI, our housekeeping arrangements are that everyone picks up after themselves, the kids do the trash and empty the dishwasher, I take care of all other cleaning, and hubs takes care of the outside and all repair and maintenance jobs.  The one area of our lives that we keep totally separate is laundry...he does his, I do mine, and never the twain shall meet.


Still working my way through Mildred Pierce, still obsessed.

Do you have a "never ever gonna watch it" movie list?


  1. That lasagna! It would have never lasted 3 days in our house, haha.

    Funny, I had the same thought about TV watching. For the rest of March, I'm planning to trade my TV watching time for being more productive.

    I have finished season 1 of "Outlander" but I ended it up fast forwarding a lot of it. I'm glad you warned me! I'm not sure I'll manage to watch the rest. Such a shame, it's a great story line, but it gets too graphic for me in some parts.

    1. It's hard to make the call on Outlander. Really good story and really outrageous violence. I will say that there is nothing as bad as the season 1 finale though the five minutes that I skipped at the end of season 5 got uncomfortably close.

  2. Ah, that's good to know. I might give it another try and then get prepared to skip the end of season 5.

  3. You had me at lasagna! We have an empty nest, but I still make a full 9x13 pan so we can feast on the leftovers. I’m also on team cheddar; have been forever and have not liked back :)

    1. The kids used to be anti-lasagna so we haven't had it in a while. Thank goodness they are past that! Yay Team Cheddar!

  4. I don't love Groundhog Day but funny was filmed in the town where my parents live in northern Illinois! My dad met Bill Murray--he still talks about it.

    I love big pasta meals that generate a ton of leftovers!