Monday, May 30, 2022

Weekly Round Up: Full Frontal

A weekly roundup: eats, workouts, watches, and reads.  In this week's edition I got resourceful with Chipotle leftovers and saw some things that I will never unsee.

Chipotle Leftover Rescue

We had Chipotle for dinner mid week.  My standard order these days is the veggie quesadilla which comes with sides.  I almost always get beans and rice and I almost always end up throwing them away a week later when I find them languishing untouched in the back of the fridge.  The main problem is that the portion size is too small to really do anything with. 

This time around I happened to have a ripe avocado and realized that the tiny sizes were exactly the right size for a burrito so I got an easy lunch out of the deal.  It's nothing earth shattering but for once I came out on top of the leftover game.


Here's the latest on Project Sub 9:

Monday: easy 4.25 miles outside

Tuesday: speed day #1.  5.25 miles total with 4 x half mile "comfortably fast" with quarter mile recoveries.  I really, really, really like this workout.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: speed day #2.  Six rounds of 0.15 miles as fast as I can/0.20 miles recover.   There is nothing comfortable about this workout but I got it done.

Friday: 5.25 miles easy though it was a hilly route.

Saturday: I followed through on my plan to run more than 10k with 7.25 miles but it was too hot and it was a disaster.  I'm going to try my best to make this the time that I finally have learned my lesson that there is something about running in the heat that I just can't handle and hold to a strict policy of not trying to run more than an hour outside in the heat.  I'll continue to poke around a bit with the shorter runs but enough of the madness with the longer stuff. 

On the pro side, I got to see two huge woodpeckers out in the woods.  One guy is easy to spot, the other is hiding his red hat behind a leaf.

My plan for next week is to keep the Tuesday speed workout where it is since it looks like it's going to be hot and I will likely be doing it on the treadmill.  If it wasn't for that I'd increase the distance in a heartbeat.  For the Thursday workout, I'm going to kick it up to 4 x quarter mile.  It's still very hard to run at a sub 9 pace but if I don't start increasing the distance then I won't have a prayer at holding it for the full mile on race day.

I'm not sure yet if I'll keep my long run at 10k or try to increase it again...TBD.


The reboot that I didn't know that I needed.  The Kids in the Hall are back baby!!!  Hubs and I were very nervous about this, and we needn't have been. Many laughs were laughed this weekend and we saw things that we never expected to see and will not be able to unsee.   By which I mean full male frontal nudity.  When they put the nudity warning on the front of the episode they weren't doing it to waste anybody's time.


There's a documentary as well (without the full frontal) that was excellent.

Our final watch of the weekend was American Psycho.  I'd heard some bad things about this movie and it wasn't on the list of things that I wanted to see, but hubs came across the business card scene and once I'd seen that I was fully on board to see the movie.  Final verdict: I loved it and anytime that you're going to mix the world of serial killers and high finance I am there for it.


I finished Unmissing by Minka Kent.  When I said last week that I thought that I had the mystery figured out I was half correct.

My ranking for the thrillers that I've read over the past few weeks from this list:

Dear Child
Goodnight Beautiful
A Flicker in the Dark

I don't think that any of these titles will make my "best of the year" list BUT I also felt that they were worth my time and if you like beachy thrillers I think you should check them out.

Currently: I took a break from thrillers to check out a book that has been highly recommended on Sarah's BookshelvesThe Boys' Club by Erica Katz is about recent Harvard graduate working her first year in BigLaw.  At first I struggled a bit to get into the culture of All Work All the Time but now that I'm halfway through I'm locked in.  It's an excellent pairing with American Psycho.  I also love that the author is writing what she knows==>she is a BigLaw lawyer writing under a pseudonym.


Nothing to report.  I've been good about not applying to jobs that I know aren't right or ones where there's a lot of trash talk on Glassdoor so that's cutting into my numbers.  My day job was fairly pleasant this week.


  1. Wow, these are enormous woodpeckers! Excellent shot, Birchie.

    Well done on our Project sub 9! You'll get there.
    I have a similar workout in my training plan. One is "Goal Pace Repeats" (6 x 800m) with a 3-minute walk in between. I enjoy that one, it's a comfortable pace.
    The other is "Speed Repeats". The same intervals, but at a faster pace. Sometimes I can't hit the pace. I'm trashed at the end. But this training is so effective!

    You're right about your long runs. They must be enjoyable. Until you've completed your Project Sub 9, I think I would stick to 10k for now.

    Glad werk was pleasant, too. Have a wonderful week, Birchie!

    1. I love speed workouts as well, and I can never decide whether I like the speedy parts or the recovery parts better;-)

  2. That burrito looks good! Great job on all your speedwork, you're doing great!

  3. I am so distracted by that burrito. Beans and rice are things I am not eating right now but I loooooove them and that burrito looks so yummy. SO. YUMMY.

    1. Oops, yes there's nothing keto there except for the avocado. I'm terrible about using up leftovers so I was just happy to be able to use them up for a change.

  4. I concur, the burrito looks like perfection! Ugh...I just realized I still haven't brought back the speed training, but with my 13.1on Saturday, I'm going to extend the sabbatical another week. My body is still recovering from a busy weekend, so there's absolutely nothing to be gained by doing a tough workout a few days out from a big race.

    1. I'm telling you, all of the racing that you do has got you covered for speed work. The best part of the burrito was being able to use up leftovers instead of having to toss them.

  5. I think it's crazy how much of a difference the heat can make in whether or not I enjoy a workout. I was supposed to go for a run yesterday, but I put it off until today because it's supposed to be fifteen degrees cooler. I don't want a disastrous run - I still want it to be fun.

    1. You are smart to hold off for the cooler temps! In my defense, the outdoor temperature felt cooler than it was when I started my run. And can you believe that you and I are talking about heat after how cold it was this winter and spring?

  6. Yum- Chipotle beans and rice are so good! Our family never has a problem with Chipotle leftovers going bad (we eat everything) and sometimes i even order an extra side of pinto beans for someone to eat the next day.
    Nice job on the speedwork. After not doing speedwork for so long (like 2 years) I'm back into it and really enjoying it. When is your mile race? I'm very intrigued by this because I've never raced that distance. i want to hear all about it!

    1. It will be my first mile race as well and I am excited/terrified. I've done mile time trials before but this will be my first actual race. It's in late June and which is now just a few weeks away...yikes!