Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekly Eats: Nailed it?

A weekly roundup: eats, watches, and reads.  This week my husband had the boys cook up dinner, we had incredible Mexican takeout, and I took on an advanced baking project.

All the usuals

Lots of tacos, and hey look I stepped it up and made a salmon bowl one day.  Air fried salmon patty, Costco stir fry veggies, leftover rice, avocado, a squirt of wasabi and sushi ginger, and the dressing from Skinny Taste's Seattle Salmon.  The wasabi that I have is very hot, so I've given up on mixing it in the dressing and just keep it on the side.

Monday: Hubs had the boys cook us dinner!  Grilled cheese from stepson #2 and tomato soup from stepson #1.

Tuesday: steak night!  We grilled up a flat iron steak and portobellos and raided the freezer for starches: mashed potatoes for the adults and cheesey potato casserole for the kids.

Wednesday: leftover night!  Boyz had steak, hubs had a Costco panko chicken patty, and I had a chicken sausage.  We cooked hub's chicken patty in the air fryer and I threw my sausage in for the last few minutes.  Then it just took a minute to reheat the steak in the air fryer.

Thursday: KISS night.  Mac n'cheese and hot dogs.

Friday: OMG night. There's a Mexican place nearby that we've always been meaning to try but just never got around to.  Our mistake, this place is good.  And takeout margaritas just sayin'

Saturday: burgers, BTW those are some garlic stuffed olives on the side.

Sunday: hey I actually cooked something!  Meatloaf & twice baked potatoes.

Nailed it?
Hee hee, not quite but I had a lot of fun taking my best shot at Sam's Geometric Rainbow Cake
When I first came across the recipe, I thought "yum" and "no way no how this is ever going to turn out".  For some reason I felt that I had to take this project on, I love baking but I hardly ever do it.

  • The cake and frosting are delicious, I absolutely recommend making a non rainbow version just for the cake alone.
  • If I had it to do all over again, I would have skipped the geometric part and just made a flat rainbow cake.  To be honest, I thought that part would be a dead fail but it was very easy.
  • The broiler scorched the heck out of the parchment paper, the longest that I left any of the layers under the broiler was 3 minutes, lesson learned keep cake and broiler far apart.  But the parchment was the only thing that got scorched, the cake did not. 
  • I just couldn't figure out how to stack the layers at the very end and the frosting was a total fail at holding the cake together.  Also there wasn't enough frosting to frost the sides of the cake.
  • Sure this was killer time consuming but I enjoyed every minute of the process.
  • Stepson #2 and I split the first piece and neither of us was able to finish it, a standard loaf pan slice is HUGE for a cake like this.
  • Resolution: I need to bake more cakes.
Robocop and we enjoyed it very much

Oh yes I've got a good one!  The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell.


  1. Your Sunday meatloaf looks delicious! And I would have liked to have been your guest on Friday for the Mexican food.
    Ah, a rainbow cake!! I immediately thought of Judy's challenge she posted two weeks ago. You win!

  2. Wow, that cake looks amazing! I'm really impressed that you took that on :)

    1. The cake was fun. And hey I didn't make it at the last step but that's much better than not trying at all.

  3. Wow! That rainbow cake is so cool! I love your resolution. Baking more cakes has to be a good thing.

  4. Tacos are a staple in my house...they are so easy to make and you can put practically anything on a tortilla shell! That cake looks super fun!!

  5. Wow!!!! That cake! The art geek on me would be all over that! Nice having all the guys take on the cooking duties :-)

  6. Cool rainbow cake! I've never made one of those.

  7. Oh wow! That is some cake right there! I haven't made a cake in ages. Thing 1's birthday is in June so maybe then. That Mexican place look like it's a keeper!

  8. We have a favorite TexMex place that we've been meaning to do carryout from so we might try that on Tuesday unless they're overwhelmed. I always enjoy celebrating Cinco de Mayo (any excuse for Mexican food and a margarita), but this year I haven't been able to find any fresh chicken for fajitas so doing carryout sounds like a good option. I did get ground beef so I can make tacos if we don't do carryout.

    Your cake baking skills are impressive!