Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Let's Catch Up: Food Lately



Best new recipe, a leftover chain reaction, our favorite family dinner, homemade pizza, and a last minute potluck dessert...a few of the things that we've had lately in addition to our normal fare of mac n'cheese.

Drumroll please...the best new recipe that I've made in a while

Pinch of Yum's Maple-Mustard Tempeh bowls.  Half of my work was already done with since I keep a stash of roasted sweet potatoes in the freezer and I had the dressing ingredients on hand as well.  I air fried the tempeh, got a kale salad mix, and skipped the sauerkraut (because I would have ended up just using a little for this recipe and throwing the rest out months later), apple (not feeling it), and avocado (couldn't find a ripe one to save my life).

That dressing tho...I wanted to take a bath in it.

Best Chain Leftover Reaction

Saturday: my husband was inspired to fire up the grill for (unpictured) steak and mashed potatoes.  I need to let him make mashed potatoes more often, because they were extra good (read: he has a freer hand with butter and sour cream than I do).

After dinner there was about one serving of mashed potatoes left, and I told hubs "well, I hate to throw this out, but no one's going to eat this and I'll just end up throwing it out in a week anyway.  Might as well toss it now".

Hubs: "lets grill up some chicken tomorrow and make up some more potatoes".

Sunday: I made a enough mashed potatoes to get us to a family serving and paired them with white BBQ grilled chicken

That left us with a few small pieces of chicken.  I put them in the fridge, knowing full well that they weren't enough for a meal and I'd surely be tossing them on my next fridge clean out day.

Monday: I had no idea what to cook and somehow came up with the idea of putting the chicken into quesadillas.  I copied Chipotle's method of folding the tortillas into squares (basically a flat burrito) and then slicing the squares in half.  I gave the kids plain chicken and cheese in theirs, and added some Trader Joe's fire roasted pepper and onion mix into the adult servings.

Dinner was a success and the leftover chain came full circle.

Favorite Family Dinner Lately

A very loose interpretation of Gimme Some Oven's Fried Rice.

And pizza!

I'd gotten back on the homemade pizza bandwagon earlier this year, but then life got hectic and I'd fallen off.  Well finally the stars aligned.  I confess that for the first time ever I used premade frozen dough (from a local store) and yes I will go back to making my own as soon as I finish the pack I also confess that it was very good.  My toppings were sausage, mushrooms, and black olives.

Most Unlikely Potluck Contribution 

Banana bread chocolate chip muffins.  These are one of the kids' favorite snacks, and I make a batch every 1-2 months.  I'm fond of banana bread, but I don't love adding chocolate to it, so for me the be all and end all of this recipe is that the kids love it.

The other week I made a batch on a Friday and the next day we got a somewhat last minute invitation to a neighbor's pool party.  I couldn't figure out what to bring.

Hubs: "we have banana bread muffins".  

Me: "that's a weird thing to bring to a pool party".  

Me: goes to internet and googles "what to take to a summer potluck".

Google: banana bread.

Alrighty then!  The muffins went to the party and got eaten.

That's a wrap on food.  Have you made anything good lately?


  1. Every time I see “tempeh” I have to Google it. Followed by a Google search on the difference between tofu and tempeh. Now that that's sorted, I can appreciate your best new recipe. Sounds like a winner!

    I'm with you on banana bread without chocolate chips...but that wouldn't stop me from eating it. And I would be standing very close to the banana bread table at the pool party! 😄😄

    1. Ha ha the definition of tempeh is "a soy based product for people who are tired of tofu". It's good stuff.

  2. Ha ha...I'm actually taking banana bread (with blueberries subbed in for the usual choc chips LOL) to a tailgate tomorrow ;-) I figure it's kind of a breakfast-y thing to munch on before the clock strikes 12-noon.