Thursday, September 16, 2021

Let's Catch Up: Movies and TV Lately

A quick look at what we've been watching recently.

The Curious Case of the Bug-a-Bugas

We went to Florida for vacation, and my husband and stepsons spent a day at Universal (I'm not a theme park person so I stayed on the beach).  They rode the Mummy ride, which led us to watch the 1999 movie the next evening while we were still on vacay.  None of us had ever seen it, but I was in since (1) I like doing just about anything with my family and (2) I'm a fan of Brendan Fraser.  The movie was a fun adventure flick for us.

I hadn't seen the original in quite a while, but I remembered that it was fairly creepy and also the flesh-eating bugs, which were a huge part of the 1999 version.  After we got home we fired up the Boris Karloff version.

Much to my chagrin, there were no flesh eating bugs in the original!  But I had such a vivid memory of them...I checked to see if there was another edit of the 1932 movie out there but the internet said no.  Yes there have been times when I've remembered movies differently than they really are, but I was puzzled because the memory did seem very clear and surely this isn't something that I would have dreamed up on my own?

The mystery of my false memory was solved the next day at our neighborhood pool party.  One of the other guests was a serious movie buff and knew everything about every movie ever made.  He said that a lot of the original movie footage was repackaged in the 50's and yes indeed they upped the ante and added a bunch of (animated) bug-a-bugas.

Our Latest Family TV Show

Our favorite vampire show is back!  And even better, the kids are watching it with us.  We showed them the movie and they very quickly caught up on seasons 1 and 2.


The Hottest Couples Show of the Summer 

Get ready for it...1980's Miss Marple

I'd seen this show back in the day with my parents as a young 'un and for some reason it came to mind recently so I decided a rewatch was in order.  I'd started watching The Body in the Library on my own one Sunday afternoon and was surprised that hubs came up and watched it with me.  So far we've also seen A Murder is Announced and I've watched a few of the other stories on my own.

That's a wrap on TV.  Have you seen anything good lately?  Have you ever remembered a detail from a movie or a TV show that didn't exist?


  1. How satisfying that you got that flesh-eating bug mystery solved!
    I'm always amazed at people who know and remember(!) everything about movies.
    You and that guy at the pool-party must have spent hours exchanging film tips.
    I hope you stood near the banana bread!

    1. Yes, the "imaginary flesh eating bugs" was really bugging me! This guy just knew EVERYTHING about every topic under the sun and was really interesting to talk to so he was definitely a good party guest.

  2. I was so excited to see What we do in the Shadows returned! That was one of my guilty pleasures while treadmill running.

    1. I love it even more now that the kids are into it. We haven't had a family "show" in a long time.